South Sudan

UN Team Warms For Probe Into Seized Weapons


visit this site geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The delegation is in South Sudan to conduct an investigation regarding last week’s incident involving the transport of weapons and ammunition by road to Bentiu via Rumbek.

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click geneva;”>“This equipment, which belongs to the Ghanaian contingent had been mistakenly put on a road convoy,” reads the statement.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is looking forward to being able to conduct this investigation in full transparency and collaboration with the authorities of South Sudan, and allow the Mission to clarify the circumstances of this unfortunate incident, ensure that it will not happen again, and defuse any misunderstanding between the United Nations and the Government of South Sudan.

“UNMISS wants to reiterate its commitment to South Sudan and its people. UNMISS has not and will not take sides in the conflict in the country.

“Impartiality is a core principle of the United Nations which is guiding all the operations of the Mission.”

Last week, SPLA intercepted UN trucks and captured high class weapons at Rumbek in Lakes States.

The samples of the arms as were being ‘identified’ by military personel included; Rocket Propel Grenade (RPF) launchers, AK24, Gim files, Anti Riot guns, Binoculars [Ances-6 Trilium night bino], radio systems, Bayonets’ Anti-Personal Landlines among others.

According to military intelligence, it is not the first time for such an incident to happen.

National security officials too intercepted two UN trucks carrying with weapons at Tonj in Warrap State.

UNMISS spokesperson, Ariane Quentier, in a statement said “the UN will investigate error in transport of weapons for new contingent”.

It is the policy of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) that during the crisis in South Sudan all arms and ammunition for peacekeeping contingents are flown into respective areas of deployment and not taken by road.”

She added: “In connection with the transport of cargo of general goods belonging to the Ghanaian battalion on its way to Bentiu, several containers were wrongly labelled and inadvertently contained weapons and ammunition.”

In a similar statement, Major General Delali Johnson Sakyi, UNMISS Force Commander revealed that “the weapons and ammunition belonging to the newly-arrived Ghanaian contingent, after its cargo which was being transported to Bentiu via Rumbek was found to include weapons and ammunition”.

I hope that subsequent investigations into last week’s incident will clarify the circumstances which have led to this very unfortunate incident.”

He added: “As the Force Commander of UNMISS and the most senior Ghanaian officer in South Sudan, I want to confirm that the weapons and ammunition belong to the Ghanaian contingent which is to deploy in Bentiu.”

However, the government of South Sudan has insisted on a clear and satisfying explanation.


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