Pan Africa Parliament Honours Iron Lady Cecilia Ogwal


and geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In the Motion, nurse moved by Prof. Awad Hag Ali Ahmad (Sudan), drugs the Pan African Parliament (PAP) also congratulated Hon. Ogwal upon her appointment as the Opposition Chief Whip in the Uganda Parliament.

Hon. Ogwal (FDC, Dokolo district) was recently appointed by her party as the Opposition Chief Whip, hence relinquishing her seat at the Pan African Parliament. She was replaced by , Hon. Elijah Okupa (FDC, Kasilo), who took oath on Monday this week.

Members said Hon. Ogwal was committed, loving and motherly as she referred to many as ‘her sons’ and ‘daughters.’

“She stood strongly with the traditional family and morals of Africans. I wish her strength, charisma and success in her new position,” said Prof. Suad Al-Fatih AL BADAWI (Sudan) adding, “This is the pride of Africa and the voice of good governance and democracy.”

Hon. Dikgang Phillip MAKGALEMELE (Botswana) said he was inspired by her commitment to the development of Africa and wished her success as Opposition Whip.

“I value the role of the Opposition in a democracy. I believe the role of the Whip is very central to the smooth running of Parliament. This is a big responsibility that needs to be celebrated,” he said.

The new Leader of Uganda’s delegation, Hon. Onyango Kakoba (NRM, Buikwe North), said Hon. Ogwal, despite being a member of the Opposition, always put Uganda first while on international assignments. He challenged PAP to consider and achieve everything Hon. Ogwal had advocated for.

Hon. Okupa said Ogwal was “no stranger to hard work” having been a Secretary General of the Uganda People’s Congress, the party that led Uganda to Independence.

“She is a tested person. When she was announced as Opposition Chief Whip, everyone ululated including members of the ruling party (NRMO),” he said. “She was one of the first women to represent a constituency not standing on affirmative action,” he added

Hon. Jacqueline Amongin (NRM, Ngora district) said Hon. Ogwal had inspired her and many young girls into joining and performing well in politics and said she had made Uganda and the PAP proud.

Hon. Ogwal has been the Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Administration and Financial Evaluation and a member of the Committee on Cooperation, International Relations, and Conflict Resolutions.

In a related development, the PAP has passed a motion moved by Hon. Amongin, to pay tribute to the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who died last year.

Hon. Amongin prayed that the PAP joins the rest of the world in celebrating the life and legacy of Mandela, and that PAP recognizes the 11th day of July, designated by the UN as ‘Mandela Day’ to bring together young leaders from all over the world to appreciate and discuss issues of democracy, peace and security.


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