Karoro Vows to End Sexual Harassment in Schools


treat geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mary Karoro Okurut, the Minister of Gender, says that the programme which will kick off in June 2014 will mainly focus on institutions like schools, universities, among others because they are the most vulnerable to sexual harassment.

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She called upon the government to discipline men who harass young girls and women instead of focusing on women’s dressing code which she says can be controlled easily without applying brutal action.

The Minister promised to take the law into her own hands by undressing any man she finds undressing a woman if government can’t take action on them.

“The act is not constitutional at all. It abuses the rights of women,” Karoro pointed out.

She also asked the ministry of Gender to scrap the word “domestic violence” arguing, that there is no violence that is comfortable save for a mistaken terminology.

This comes at a time when Parliament is still discussing the shocking news of women being scrapped off the government payroll by officials in the Ministry of Public Service for denying officers sex.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Local Government and Public Service, Ms Sezi Mbaguta, the State minister for Public Service, confessed having heard of such incidents.

“We are aware of some female civil servants who are on the payroll during the day, but are scrapped off overnight by those that demand favours from them,” she was quoted as saying.


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