MP Odoi: I’ll Sacrifice My Seat For Gay Rights


malady geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While addressing the press at Fair Way Hotel in Kampala, after the filing of the petition challenging the constitutionality of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, Odoi said he would rather lose his seat in Parliament than leaving the rights of the minority to be trampled upon.

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“I’m not a coward but a free citizen; I don’t fear losing an election but rather I living in a society that has no room for the minority,” Odoi responded to the media question of whether he has no fears of losing public trust for his activism for the gay people.

Odoi asked Ugandans to drop the homophobic tendencies and learn to live with homosexuals in society because they are also human beings.

Odoi observed that if a country cannot tolerate minority groups like the gays, it should then never claim to be democratic, lawful and pro-people.

“I authored a minority report on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill before it was passed in Parliament, without quorum, precisely because I believe it to be harmful, redundant, unnecessary, and inconsistent with Constitution,” said Odoi.

He noted that they are so optimistic to succeed in the battle against the Anti-Homosexuality Act if at all the case is handled by right, mindful and unbiased judges.

“We want court to declare the law unconstitutional, null and void and thereafter, it shall cease to be a binding law hence giving a chance to the homosexuals to enjoy their rights and freedoms.”


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