Ituri Women Voice Hope of Better Congo


doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This day, which took years to international theme “Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium development for women and girls” and national “Together against war and violence against women girls in consolidating peace and justice in the DRC “this year was an opportunity for women of all Bunia and Ituri District to come together and reflect on their fate in a world of perpetual change.

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Unlike other years in Ituri and in the rest of the DRC women for two years now no longer parade during celebrations marking this day decision of the Ministry of Gender and Family Child nationally.

So to commemorate this day in Ituri several activities have been planned and will be carried out for a month as of March 8 months hence the name of the woman throughout the district of Ituri by BGEFAE and its partners.

These activities are summarized to do prayer sessions with women of all faiths tendencies, lectures and debates with various women of society on the two themes of national and international day of awareness sessions also the for young girls in various school facilities of the District and many other activities in favour of women in order to further sensitize women on their rights and duties as well as their development and self-care.

The organizers of this day will also benefit to educate women on the issue of sexual violence in rural areas that is to say in remote areas but also in cities and school environments but also and especially to reflect together on the plight of women in the world and particularly in the district of Ituri and what results to the situation of women in Ituri and throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo in general on the eve of the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals Development in 2015.



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