EAC Tourism Ministers Assure West Of Safety


information pills sans-serif; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>In a statement at the ITB Trade Fair in Berlin, Germany, the Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu, said that despite several challenges, the region has agreed to tackle negative travel advisories targeting the region collectively.

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She emphasized that Ministers responsible for Tourism in the Partner States have taken a new dimension of adopting a proactive approach to pre-empt the issuing of such negative travel advisories as well as addressing any negative travel advisory jointly as a Community.

Hon. Egunyu urged the Commonwealth member countries to consult the EAC Secretariat before publishing any travel warnings.

In her remarks, the Deputy Secretary General in charge of Productive and Social Sectors, Hon. Jesca Eriyo, informed the invited guests during the EAC Day held on 7th March that the EAC benefits significantly from the Travel and Tourism industry as a result of the region’s endowed resources.

She however, noted that the industry does not stand alone, and is supported by other key sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture as well as capacity building in the sector.

She gave an example, of the intra-regional road network that has improved greatly.

She informed the function that efforts were underway to also upgrade the water, rail and air sectors by reviewing regulations and policies at the regional level that will facilitate smoother travel.

The EAC official noted that in striking the delicate balance between developing creative “products” that will continuously attract visitors to the region and sustaining the natural resources, measures are being taken to ensure the conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife and other tourist sites.

She said the EAC is aware of the dangers in the sector and was working with Development Partners and Stakeholders to address the issue of poaching.

She reiterated that the EAC region has agreed to revise legislations with stringent measures/penalties to protect wild fauna and flora, including imposing higher penalties for poachers and traders of illegal wildlife and wildlife products.


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