FDC: Mbabazi Paying Cost of Past Mistakes


viagra buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“These people are fighting within our offices, case we are the ones who pay them, tadalafil cater for their welfare as well as fuelling their cars; so when a conflict rises between them, we are the ones to be affected at the end hence the need to come up and offer our comments on their wrangles,” remarked Nabilah Sempala, the acting party spokesperson.

Nabilah, however, noted that Mbabazi who supported the amendment of the Presidential term limits clause in the Constitution is facing the consequences of his actions.

“We have time and again told Ugandans that NRM is not a political party but a personal entity owned by Museveni; this is evidenced on the way members who hold intentions of taking on the top seat of the party are treated,” said Nabilah.

“Mbabazi was key in advocating for the scrapping of term limits and he is remembered for having moved the motion that caused that misfortune in our country. It is now so absurd that he is paying for it, perhaps the issue of term limits would now be helping him to gain the party presidency and perhaps the national presidency as his ambitions are,” added Nabilah.

Nabila noted that Mbabazi is responsible for advocating for the Public Order Management Act which curtails the rights and freedoms of politicians, making it hard even for him to conduct meetings with his supporters.

“He advocated for the tapping of phone calls and now he has been fished by his master,” charged Nabilah.

President Museveni has maintained there is no wrangle between him and Mbabazi.

The Secretary General has also reiterated he has no plans to stand against Museveni in 2016.

Mbabazi’s family took to the media during the weekend to express their dissatisfaction with the manner in which Mbabazi was reportedly being “unfairly targeted.”


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