Col Mande Piles Pressure On Sejusa

Gen David Sejusa remains in exile where he declared war on President Museveni

viagra 40mg information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to a controversial but prominent Ugandan politician in Diaspora, case Eric Kashambuzi, approved the former spymaster’s party, FUF, “is an external branch of NRM that started on a wrong foot.”

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He argues that Sejusa and other FUF senior leaders “have used language intended to smear current leaders as incompetent. When you are told that the opposition has done nothing you are accusing the leaders of incompetence that should be abandoned and when you say that FUF leadership is second to none and the founder is a game changer you are conveying the same message that the current opposition leadership is not fit for the job. Such utterances have the potential of dividing up opposition groups.”

He adds: “While Sejusa and his team are getting ready to tear the Diaspora opposition apart, General Benon Biraaro is busy doing the same at home. His appeasement tactics targeting particular groups are designed to divide the opposition at home.”

“NRM is in a bad shape at home and abroad, hence the abrupt emergence of Sejusa and Biraaro. If we allow them to divide us then NRM will survive. To stop that opposition groups must come together quickly under capable, experienced, selfless, dedicated and patriotic leadership.”

Kashambuzi, who has made a name by disparaging Museveni in the media, further says the abrupt founding of FUF is suspect considering that it occurred at a time when “Ugandans in the Diaspora and at home are gathering momentum and coming together to oust NRM from power.”

“If Sejusa and his supporters were for the opposition they should have attended the Hague conference because the invitation was open to all Ugandans. Instead they held a separate conference shortly after The Hague one to show that there is an alternative.”

The latest development underlines Sejusa’s struggle in uniting the opposition in Diaspora to form a common front to fight Museveni.

Sejusa fled Uganda in 2013 after calling for an investigation into reports that senior army officers opposed to first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s rise to presidency were being targeted for assassination.

Government dismissed the so-called Muhoozi project as a “figment of Sejusa’s imagination.”

Sources say life has been hell for Sejusa in London considering he was not used to wintry conditions. His attempts to lure exiled army officers into FUF have since flopped.

Mande blasts Sejusa

In fact, Col Samson Mande with whom they fought in the NRA bush war before fleeing to Sweden, has been Sejusa’s harshest critic.

Mande recently accused Sejusa, who was formerly commander of UPDF military operations against the rebel LRA in northern Uganda, of committing war crimes. Sejusa denies the charge.

A few days ago, Mande said Sejusa could not be trusted.

“He (Sejusa) did not mention which Ugandans to forgive him for what mistakes or crimes! How can he claim he is a changed man when he started dividing the Diaspora groups’ attempt to unite and form a force against Museveni? A changed Sejusa should not have been abusive. I mean using words like insanity, bankruptcy and incompetent against members of the opposition that have struggle this far, from thick and thin, who he himself tried to exterminate and failed, removes the new mask from his face and tells that he has not changed.”

Mande further argued that Sejusa needs to humble himself and tell the truth by confessing the sins and asking for forgiveness and then come up with a suggestion on how his victims shall get justice and how reconciliation shall be fostered!

He also observed that Sejusa cannot be compared with Muntu and Besigye.

“Consistence is as important as a clean record, humility, decency and discipline. It is not a crime to serve in the NRM regime or government but we must isolate those criminals in the NRM government and bring them to justice! Unfortunately Sejusa is one of those with a criminal record during his service! If we are going to embrace people that have abused office, committed crimes against our people (repressive) we shall only not fail to deliver the change people want but we shall fail to get the critical mass to run the struggle.”

Kashambuzi noted that Sejusa’s manifesto is also divisive.

“While the impression is about maximum mobilization, FUF is solidly founded on ecumenical foundation, meaning it wants to unify Christians only and separate them from the followers of other religions. According to our records, the first ecumenical council met in AD 325 at Nicaea and defined beliefs for all Christians – not all religions! So why has FUF confined itself to the Christian community only? Students of religions might tell you that that is a divisive strategy.

Another divisive strategy is appeasement of one particular group of Ugandans. Mentioning the 1962 constitution is indeed targeting a particular group that will join FUF and those not appeased will break away.

The founder of FUF still dresses in military uniforms because he knows that there are those in the opposition that want to use military force and will therefore join him against those who want peaceful change of the regime. He has also chosen to continue to use Kyankwanzi language towards the opposition leaders to drive a wedge between them and their supporters. The use of terms like insanity, bankruptcy and hatred are carefully chosen and applied.”


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