MBABAZI SAGA: Banyenzaki, Mwesigye Lock Horns In Kabale


price geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Rubanda West legislator squarely attributed NRM internal turbulence to Mwesigye, healing saying “she is the one misleading Mbabazi and moving to all parts of the country mobilising people to support him for President in 2016.”

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He added: “It’s Hope Mwesigye causing all this trouble. She is the one.”

Banyenzaki made the eyebrow-raising remarks while meeting journalists in Kabale during the weekend.

Mwesigye had earlier told journalists in the same area that should Mbabazi choose to stand for President, “no one will stop him.”

He further attacked President Museveni, saying his latest actions aimed at pushing Mbabazi from the seat of Secretary General would lead to the “disintegration of the party.”

Museveni last week clarified that Mbabazi is still Secretary General and that youthful Minister Richard Todwong had been appointed as chief mobiliser at the NRM Secretariat.

Mwesigye further poured scorn on the NRM parliamentary caucus resolutions fronting Museveni for Presidency, arguing the Kyankwanzi gathering “overstepped its mandate” and that the resolutions are illegal and unacceptable according to the NRM Constitution.

Now, in what appears as a well-calculated move to counter Mwesigye’s attacks, Banyenzaki reiterated the premier’s sister-in law “is the genesis of all what has been going around because she has been trying hard to lure Hon. Amama Mbabazi to contest for the country’s top seat in the next general elections yet Mbabazi has made it clear he does want to stand.”

Banyenzaki said as the district NRM chairperson, Mwesigye used a wrong forum (media) to denounce the caucus resolutions.

“The caucus has the authority and mandate to deliberate on every matter of interest to the party,” said Banyenzaki.

“The caucus deliberation was only binding to the caucus members not to all party members.”

He then attacked Mwesigye: “She should have called the district NRM party delegates before speaking on the matter. Mwesigye is causing trouble as she continues to campaign for her brother in-law but I would advise her to bring all her concerns to us.”

Banyenzaki further said Mwesigye is “among some individuals who have made some mistakes and her personal interest is to have Mbabazi as Uganda’s President for protection.”

He did not provide details of the former Agriculture Minister’s ‘mistakes’.

“I would advise our party members to stop crisscrossing the country campaigning for some specific party members because that would draw the president from the core roles of leading the country into politics when it is still early,” warned Banyenzaki.

The minister explained the caucus resolution to endorse the president as the sole flag bearer was because of his achievements as a pan Africanist such as economic transformation, peace and stability across the region.

“Anybody else willing to offer himself for the party flag bearer let him present his credentials. We acted within our powers to bring the idea of fronting the president for next elections and the decision will be made after the Central Executive assembly sits.”

The NRM Parliamentary Caucus is Monday sitting at State House Entebbe to deliberate on thorny issues that continue to undermine party cohesion.


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