Nkurunziza: NGOs Want to Tarnish Our Image


information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>ambulance sans-serif;”>Statement on biased reports by international organisations:

We are witnessing these days and alarmist reports and spurious writings of some politicians, unfortunately relayed by some non-governmental organizations by misinformation or bad faith and even by some partners on a catastrophic situation that announce in Burundi.

The Government of Burundi is already accustomed to this kind of situation especially on the eve of major events.

It is not surprising that on the eve of the 2015 elections, we are witnessing the reactions that tend to distract public opinion and undermine the achievements of the Government just one year of elections.

As a reminder and illustration, in the past will be remembered that:

1. The Organization International Crisis Group has produced a very negative report dated February 12, 2010, on the eve of the general elections of May of the same year, and the Organization minimized the ability of Burundian security forces to ensure securing votes to recommend sending foreign troops to come and do it for them.

2. In May 2010 just before the municipal elections, Ong ICG was joined in this by another organization Human Rights Watch, and the latter accused the Government, the police and judicial authorities in particular do nothing to quell and prevent electoral violence, which she attributed to the party in power, while all observers on the spot from multiple horizons recognized the peaceful atmosphere and congratulated the security forces and the administration to work for the success of the campaign.

In May 2012, the same organization Human Rights Watch published a new report entitled “Thou shalt have no peace as long as you live” in which he spoke of the escalation of violence in Burundi.

It was a way to undermine the fiftieth anniversary of the Independence of Burundi because this very negative report came out only two months of the celebration of this event and just months before the appointment of the international conference Burundi Geneva on the theme “Strategic Framework for the Fight against Poverty, 2nd generation” (CSLPII).

3. This time, always the same organization Human Rights Watch has released its 2014 report in which she talks about the situation of human rights in the world in the year 2013.

The Report recognizes significant advances in the case of Burundi, in some areas but remains biased in others.

4. As of March 21, 2012, the “International Crisis Group” Organization spoke of “the crisis of corruption” in Burundi and the report betrayed determining that Ong denigrate the Burundian institutions, to tarnish the image of this country and discredit to its partners insofar as it did not want to witness the efforts made by the Government in this regard.

5. And 25 October 2012, the same organization “International Crisis Group” came a critical report on Burundi entitled “BYE BYE ARUSHA” through which Burundi is in the process of losing the gains of the Arusha Agreement and the system sharing of power designed to Arusha.

This report was also intended once again to distract the Opinion when the Burundi was preparing for big event of the International Donors Conference in Geneva.

6. Always equal to itself, Cris International Group has released a report on the issue of land where it says that the return of land to beneficiaries may revive ethnic tensions of the past and create new resentments as if such conflicts necessarily land was between people of different ethnicities.

However, the Government has always communicated on many cases regulated by CNTB commission to the satisfaction of the parties disputes, all ethnicities, the ICG has held that the few cases of dissatisfied to conclude a national threat.

The Government questioned the motive of this determination and eagerness on the part of these organizations internationally renowned undermine the efforts of a people undergoing reconstruction, and always on the eve of the historic moments of Burundi.

7. To this is added, the positions taken by some partners of Burundi, in the sense of these alarmist and pessimistic analyzes, while representations instead of these partners follow the day-to-day government initiatives and their results are including the activities of the highest authorities to which they are regularly invited, including those taking place in the most remote corners of the country, proof that peace and security prevail throughout the country.

8. It should be noted that all these reports are published on the approach of crucial events, following correspondence or alarmist statements from political parties or associations of civil society with the same ideology, which chose lies, denigration and demonization of government institutions such as political battle horse and still capture these moments for their attacks against the Government.

9. Thus, on the eve of the 2015 elections, unrest in some political circles or their associates is part of the same logic. It finds indeed that the writings or reports from the same actors, national or foreign Ngos lately, are dictated by a certain nervousness or despair among some politicians and their cronies who realize that time passes too quickly to deal with elections approaching, when they come to spend four years to devote to the diversion discrediting the authority in the eyes of the national and international opinion, instead of preparing for this great appointment.

However, the Government had never ceased to invite them to prepare in time to electoral competition, to appeal to politicians who chose exile returned to join the others in these preparations.

10. The Government take this opportunity to reassure its partners and invite their representatives on site to relay the reality they witness the undeniable achievements of Burundi in various areas of both security and social policy panel.

Peace and security prevail throughout the country, there are no tensions preparing any internal war, and there will be none.

11. Also, the Government rejects and condemns the contents of various reports as false and misleading as that clearly are written by the same hands manipulated by those who do not wish to see Burundi move towards the path of peace and reconciliation.

12. The Government pointed out once more that Burundi has experienced many years of crisis and escaped through the efforts of Burundi with the help of the international community. The Burundi is the symbol of successful process.

The Government will use all means at its disposal is authorized by law to discourage any attempt to return the country to the dark period of its history.

To those who still dream of sowing and spreading ethnic hatred in a country reconciled, by written or any other means whatsoever, the Government warns and calls to abandon this dangerous exercise and promises that justice will be asked for action against those who do not want to answer that call.

13. International Organisations and all partners interested in Burundi, the Government asked to secure and diversify their sources of information, to contact the official sources, and need to get themselves on ground so as not to produce reports from sources whose credibility is questionable, and therefore tarnish their own credibility.

Previous reports have published forecasts have always revered wrong, it is time for some Ngos change in methodology.

The Government also invites them to accompany and monitor the next elections before, during and after to prevent any future disputes like those of 2010.

14. Organizations of civil society, the Government called their sense of responsibility and invites them to avoid negative solidarity with those who have chosen the path of drift and, skid, may compromise their image and noble mission.

15. Media professionals, the Government asked to demonstrate professionalism especially in this situation before the election, and keep heart that the national interest prevails over partisan interest.

He recalled that the image of the country they serve their listeners or readers thinking about them without knowing it. Burundi will be what the citizens want to do, media professionals including.

16. Political parties, the Government asked to focus their energies to prepare for the 2015 electoral competition and adjust their internal problems between them and, in accordance with the law.

17. People of Burundi, the Government asked to keep calm, and asked him to get the job done and not get distracted by alarmist and misleading statements propagated by the very people who have something else to do that to seek ways to undermine the efforts and progress made in the fight to rebuild our country.

The Government stands by his people, the critics are doomed to failure.

The Secretary General of Government and Government Spokesperson

Philippe Nzobonariba.


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