Photos: Aah, Ugandan Artistes With Bling Bling!


drugs geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Kabalagala community policing launch graced by musicians really got me thinking.

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I saw giants Joseph Mayanja aka Dr. Jose Chameleon and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on one hand and upcoming young talents; K. Richard Kasendwa aka Ziza Bafana and Big Eye do their thing.

I thought one needed to deliberate upon these pairs.

Bobi, Chameleon: legends?

The King of Ragga who identifies himself as “Ghetto President” is said to be at the top with lots of investments around the city some of which include; “One Love beach” located a few kilo meters from Entebbe at Busabala and the most expensive and precious mansion as he never tires to repeat.

At Kabalagala, he came in a pair of “rare and expensive shoes”, which he rarely leaves behind, according to close sources.

Then my head turned to “Heavy Weight” Dr Chameleon, the No.1 in East Africa and No. 6 in Africa.

He introduced himself as “the world’s best and international artist”.

Chameleon is popular in the region for his Swahili inspiring songs like “Shida za Dunia, Hivyo Ndivyo, the latest Tubonge and the Badilisha”.

He has actually sold and won an international award setting a pace for his contemporaries.

He likes giving ladies a peep of his muscular body which he repeated on that day.

Before I forget, what caught my eye really, were the new purple shoes and the hairstyle.

Young talent: Big Eye, Bafana

Big Eye is a tall nice looking young man.

He came to fame after unveiling his love song “Suula Indicator” driving young girls crazy.

The young singer, who broke off from Kenzo’s Group “Big Talent”, formed his own group known as “Big Music”.

He is known for a cool complexion, nice looks and admirable waist for all those ladies who understand what the word means.

Then the magical, cool bling bling that makes the artiste look even more handsome.

This time round, he exhibited the smart and adorable body sending ladies drip drip!

On the other hand, Richard Kasendwa aka Ziza Bafana who makes girls shed tears inside their hearts, is one of the most popular upcoming ragga artistes.

His music hits big clubs like Venom, Ange noir, Silk, among others.

He seems to out compete all the other celebs when it comes to bling bling.

The tall, handsome, intelligent and young talented singer was brought to fame by his hit, “Jaayo Ntekeyo”.

The hidden vulgar meaning doubled the love youth showered onto the song as well as its composer.

The upcoming but highly promising artiste showed the crowd at Kabalagala that he had the potential, if someone had accepted to “Jaayo Ntekeyo”.


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