Create Own Jobs- Museveni tells Graduates


search sans-serif; color: #333333;”>Speaking at a johealth sans-serif;”>int graduation party for over 55 grandaunts in various disciplines with certificates, diploma’s degrees and masters at Kisozi primary school in Kisozi, Gomba District, the President was happy to note that the grandaunts whom he used as trials before he launched the nationwide free universal Primary education in 1996 have graduated over time with various honours and said government would support those who desire to go for higher education, seek to be self employed in group projects or be given a flat figure as financial support for those who need to go off on their own.

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“When I bought this land in 1990, it was partially deliberate. This was an area where cattle keepers and cultivators meet. I decided to settle here and look after my cattle but also help the community. The first problem I experienced was the inability by parents to educate their children. I was besieged by parents and students alike to pay school fees. I experienced with Bulera, Kisozi and Kanyaryeru primary schools by asking what the schools use for the charges. I may not guarantee you jobs, but we have various options for you,” he said.

The President said most of the school charges went towards building classrooms and teachers houses, paying teachers’ salaries, buying scholastic materials etc.

“So I said what if government took over the responsibility of building teachers houses, classrooms, pay teachers etc so that parents only provide books and pens and also pack for children food. The first school here was owned by Mr. Kiwanuka as a private school which I bought and turned into a UPE school. When it turned out successfully, I used this to launch UPE in the whole country,” he said.

The President cautioned those calling for the re-introduction of charges in schools, saying the reasons must be very clear with proof that the parents are now richer and can afford to pay, so that government can divert the funds to other essential services.

The President was also cautious about calls by parents to start a boarding school in the area, saying this is an expensive venture that needs to be very well handled.

“My schools were not boarding schools because the idea was for me to support the parents to send their children to school and when they come back home, they help with domestic chores. If you put them in boarding schools, the charges are much higher. We can see how to handle this with the Ministry of education according to the available capacity including considering who will pay for the boarding school,” he said.

The President urged parents to always support their children, saying there is no reason why parents can have the energy to produce children but fail to look after them.

“Poverty starts from home. I have tried to help you by sending improved animal breeds and seedlings life coffee, piglets, dairy cows etc but I hear that some of them died. I also hear that some of you have refused to pass on animal off springs to others which was the spirit of this project to grow,” he said.

The ceremony was attending by the Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Jesca Alupo, that of Urban Development who is also the Women area Member of Parliament, Rosemary Najjemba, and various local leaders.


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