Confession: My Boss Knocked Me Over Girl


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Tukei was recruited and employed by the Great Lakes Company located in Ntinda on February 1, 2006 as a private guard but was not given an appointment letter or an identity card.

On September 5, 2006, at 3pm, Tukei was knocked down in the company’s compound by the Manager, Mr. Andreas Odysseus, who was driving a Toyota Rav4 UAB 654B.

Tukei fell down and hit his head on a pavement losing consciousness.

He was later picked by a fellow driver who drove him to Kadic hospital Bukoto.

He was admitted on the same day and was diagnosed with closed head injury, severe brain oedema and acute EDH in the occipital region.

On September 6-7, 2006, he was diagnosed for brain surgery and later discharged on September 14.

Despite the fact that Tukei was an employee of Great Lakes, the company didn’t not give him any attention.

Mr Stamos Costa, the Managing Director Great Lakes, visited him during his first admission but only paid hospital dues and did not give him any kind of help in form of upkeep.

Tukei who was discharged on September 14, 2006 was re-admitted on April 27, 2007 due to skull defect arising from brain contusion, acute EDH following the surgery that was done on him.

He spent 3 days at Kadic hospital and requested for discharge due to financial incapability.

The Great Lakes Company only paid Shs 6m for the two admissions.

Tukei looks healed but the pain he feels is unexplainable

He continued going for review at Kadic hospital but later turned to Mulago hospital after failing to raise money to foot the accumulating bills.

Tukei reported the case to Jinja Road Police and was given a police Reference TAR 1201/06 by the Head of Investigations, Sarah Nabufu, also a Traffic Officer at Jinja Road Police.

As time went on, Great Lakes Company stopped paying him salary on claims that he was no longer their employee.

On January 3, 2008, he went to Mulago for review but he didn’t not get treatment because the all the drugs he was prescribed to take were not in the hospital and the available ones were also very expensive.

He was advised by Doctors to buy the drugs from clinics but he failed, so, he stopped taking drugs and was only receiving audiogram, because he had started getting ring sounds in his ears.

He was also advised to get hearing aid to reduce on the ring sounds but he failed financially, the doctors told him that the ring sounds were caused due to the damage of the ear drums.

In search for help after breaking down financially, Tukei made efforts to go to the Labour Office, the then KCC.

He was attended to by the Labour Officer, Andrine Namara, who called on the Great Lakes Managers to help him but they did not respond.

He tried to request for help in the Labour Office to no avail.

He approached the Human Rights Commission, which wrote to the Labour Officer Namara.

After receiving the Human Rights Commission’s letter, Namara again wrote to Great Lakes who still refused to respond.

Great Lakes instead went to Dr. Michael Edgar Muhumuza, who operated Tukei at Kadic hospital and asked him to write a medical report.

Muhumuza wrote a medical report that under assessed the damages Tukei sustained in the accident, by giving a percentage of 10% as permanent damage (incapacitation).

Tukei, who was still undergoing treatment in Mulago Hospital being attended to by Dr. Nakayiwa from the ENT Department, rejected Dr. Muhumuza’s report saying that it under assessed his damages.

After rejecting the report, he went to the Commissioner for Labour who then wrote to the Managing Director Great Lakes Mr. Stamos directing that Tueki be paid a salary because he was still undergoing treatment, an issue the company ignored.

Since then, despite the fact that he was not feeling well, Great Lakes went ahead and compensated him only 10% of the permanent damages (incapacitation) that was assessed on the medical report.

The medical report which was to be given to Tukei was handed over to the Managing Director who intentionally denied him access to it.

After some time, the Labour Officer Namara called him to her office and blamed him for disputing the assessment report.

His efforts to get help then became futile.

He thus agreed to receive the Shs 900,000, a 10% compensation of his incapacitation on May 23, 2008.

Tukei who is now helpless and unemployed is suffering severe effects of the accident which has caused him serious backache and painful spinal code, difficulty in breathing, continued ring sounds in his ears, painful ear drums and frustration.

Tukei can hardly read a full page of a book because of the dizziness he feels all the time.

He is now under the care of his 60 year-old unemployed, sickly and widowed mother.

Most interesting of all is the fact that the manager knocked him down because some girl (a company worker) preferred Tukei to the said manager.


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