Besigye: Respect Women, Respect Human Rights


treatment geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Besigye believes that the respect for women’s rights is the beginning of respect for other human rights.

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nurse geneva;”>Here is his message:

It’s a pleasure to join all Ugandans and especially the women in marking the International Women’s Day.

The Ugandan women have made some strides towards Women’s Rights and emancipation.

The strides have, however, remained baby steps for long and in several ways, retrogressed.

That’s why it’s more appropriate to mark the day; tether than celebrate. Just two weeks to this day, a new report was released showing that Ugandan women who die in child birth had increased from (already scandalous figure of) 16 per day to between 18 and 19 per day!

This is a grave indictment of our country’s effort to protect the most fundamental right of our women.

The NRM Government has failed to make laws that protect our women’s rights in marriage.

Though Uganda has “free” Primary and Secondary education, 80% of our girl child drops out of school before finishing primary school.

Women Rights are truly Human Rights.

We all must stand firmly in support of the Rights of women in Uganda just like we fight for all other Rights.

This day should help us to re-dedicate ourselves to this cause.

That’s why we’re Activists for Change (A4C) and Change we shall get: For God and my Country (4GC).

Happy Women’s day!


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