Mbabazi: No One Can Force Me Quit NRM


approved patient geneva;”>Mbabazi who is the party’s Secretary General confirmed on Saturday during a political radio talk show on Capital Fm that the president intends to investigate further and come to the bottom of the sprouting standoff between the two bulls.

story website geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Media was succulent last week with screaming reports from the party’s caucus meeting that the SG’s powers had been clipped as well as extreme calls to him dropped from the top post.

“There is going to be another (caucus) meeting on Monday and a series of others which should come to the bottom of all this.”

Mbabazi revealed further that he had personally met with the president to discuss and assess evidence that he was campaigning for presidency.

Mbabazi refuted allegations that during last Monday’s caucus meeting president Museveni had played recordings implicating him in plans to stand against him.

“I did not hear any tapes. In the closed door meeting, the president only read a transcript on the reports that I was campaigning, which I have not seen myself.”

He also confirmed that during the meeting, “a voice or two” urged for him to be fired as party SG.

Mbabazi’s woes stem from an extraordinary NRM caucus meeting in Kyankwanzi, in which a resolution was passed that Museveni, presents himself for another term as president and for those against this, be dealt with.

Mbabazi said today that those who singled him out as a possible threat to Museveni’s candidacy had their own bad intentions.

“There is no war between the Party president and the SG. No one in the world can come out and prove that I have been campaigning for presidency,” he said.

Since the Kyankwanzi retreat, a group of youthful Mbabazi supporters came out and vowed to fight for internal democracy in the NRM, by compelling president Museveni to give way for other leaders.

They reportedly embarked on a process of collecting signatures that sought to move a vote of no confidence against the president, before being arrested and detained by the police.

“Of course there are people who think I would make a good president. When they say that, I appreciate them for seeing value in me. But the bad thing is that I don’t intend to stand against president Museveni. If I wanted to, no one would stop me because in NRM we subscribe to and practice democracy.”

Asked to respond to reports that he had been asked to step down as Secretary General, Mbabazi shot back: “I am not finished in anyway…those asking me to quit NRM it’s like asking me to quit myself…”

He noted however, that a lot of progress had been made in the previous party meetings, and that those who peddle rumours as a basis for decision making for the party would soon be defeated.

Tasked to come clean on his reported comment 14 years ago that Besigye had ‘jumped the presidential queue’ by contesting against president Museveni, Mbabazi noted that he had said that in the context of the old Single Party system.

“Now you have a whole lot of different parties. It’s a new dispensation with a new arrangement, and that can no longer be feasible.”


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