South Sudan

Bor: Indian Soldiers Awarded For Great Courage


buy information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Presenting an award to the battalion, dosage Maj. Gen. Sakyi said it had been “dynamically deployed in the largest and most volatile state of Jonglei and called upon to execute numerous tasks which involved protection of civilians and assisting the mission’s civilian component”.

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“Without the steadfastness shown by the battalion group, it would not have been possible to implement the mission mandate in the desired manner,” he said.

“I commend the group for immense courage and poise shown when under fire and in adverse operational situations.”

The Force Commander said the battalion had used various means such as land, water and air, to extend its operational reach into “hostile and unchartered hinterlands”.

They also conducted over 150 patrols “while wading through flooded rivers and crossing thick bushes infested with various armed groups”.

“Their resolute and courageous acts were a source of inspiration for the local population (and) other members of the mission,” Maj. Gen. Sakyi said.

Other achievements included retrieving bodies of mission colleagues shot down in a UN helicopter, providing shelter for civilians in the battalion’s base in 12 major incidents, protecting humanitarian convoys and assisting with care of children in Interim Care Centres.

The battalion also conducted numerous medical and veterinary camps and assisted in medical and casualty evacuations from Pibor and Gumuruk counties.

Troops from the battalion had also carried out tasks when exposed to hostile fire, Maj. Gen. Sakyi said.

In April last year, five peacekeepers from the battalion were killed when unidentified assailants attacked an UNMISS convoy between Bor and Gumuruk.

“The rank and file of the battalion has never hesitated to put their life on the line for the cause of peace and have done so selflessly and impartially time and again,” said Maj. Gen. Sakyi.

“(They) have been worthy Ambassadors of peace, (responding) to every call, challenge and situation with sincerity, fixedness of purpose and alacrity,” he added.



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