South Sudan

SPLA Soldier Shoots 2 At Giada


viagra approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Mading Ngor, the barracks of Giada erupted again in a gunfire at 3pm.

“A soldier from Tiger Division wounded 2 soldiers before he was killed: Ngor quotes a Military hospital source that confirmed the incident.

Another witness reports that drunk soldiers fired at civilians today at Giada.

We haven’t yet established the number of killed civilians.

This is not the first time SPLA soldiers are shooting civilians without cause.

A similar incident happened still in the capital Juba at the start of the year and was said to be the work of drunken soldiers.

“Juba shooting work of drunken and undisciplined soldiers, who were only firing into air and not at people – we have arrested those responsible,” stated the Government of South Sudan responding to the incident.

The government would later arrest and prosecute about 100 SPLA soldiers for masterminding targeted killings in the capital Juba.


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