Thomas Blasts Haters Over Princess Komuntale Row


Angered by incessant questions on what went wrong in the royal family, tadalafil http://curcumincapsules.art14london.com/wp-includes/default-widgets.php Thomas charged: “Stop asking me about Princess Ruth, she is in Uganda so ask her how she is doing or does she not talk to you.”

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In a message to his fans and haters, Thomas added: “Hmmm I wonder why … If a person don’t talk to you be smart she cares nothing about you…”

He also confirmed that “We not getting back together so everyone move on and chill … If you don’t like me delete me it’s simple… Peace!”

The pair’s highly-publicised marriage crumbled just after their honeymoon over counter accusations of infidelity.

Thomas’ post touched off a fierce debate on Facebook, with supporters comforting him after losing his wife.

Danny Propolis said: “Niggers should chill you, the gal could have flown to Libya to pay last respects to Gadaffi. Poorly groomed Princess. Sorry for what happened. Hahahahah just move on brother.”

Haters accused Thomas of messing up the Princess’ life, describing him as a “broke fool”.


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