Opposition MPs Want 52 Districts Chopped Off


this site sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Among them is the scrapping of 52no rx sans-serif; color: #222222;”> districts from the Map of Uganda and remain with 60 districts.

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They argue that the government has completely failed to give enough service to the districts hence the need to eliminate some.

Hon Betty Nambooze, the Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality and at the same time Shadow Local Government Minister, says the research they did in the last six months indicates that districts like Serere, Kiryandongo, Ntoronko, Gomba, among others are operating at only 20% of what is required of all districts.

“Some of them even don’t have the headquarters they are operating under trees,” Nambooze clarified.

Statistics also indicate that in 2008, Uganda made a total of 79 districts which would later be increased to 112 after that year.

Currently, Uganda has 5 authority divisions, 112 districts, 22 municipalities, 56 municipal divisions, 1116 sub counties, 174 town councils, 207 town boarders, 7138 parishes, 66,036 villages and 238 constituencies.

The report further commends that the local government needs to improve on the health services, especially in the newly created districts which were added after the 79 districts in 2008.


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