Museveni: I've Not Visited Hospital In 28 Years


advice geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>He made the call Wednesday during the commissioning ceremony of Al-shafa hospital on Mpumudde Avenue, Jinja town.

The first phase of the hospital cost Shs 4 billion and is run by the family of Mr. Sulaiman Mohammed, a prominent investor in Jinja town.

The President emphasized prevention over curative approach to diseases.

“If we immunize, provide clean water, good nutrition and continue providing treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria, 80 percent of the infections would be prevented. The NRM immunised children against all the major diseases and now we are immunising young girls between the ages of 8 and 12. Please take all the girls for immunisation,” he said.

The President asked medical officers to make more efforts to provide indoor residual spraying as a sure way of security against malaria.

He revealed that Government concrete plans to construct Government hospitals to cater for the remaining 20 percent of infections and that facilities will be provided from health center 3 level up to the national referral Hospital in Mulago.

He said that the new Al-Shafa Hospital should serve people with good incomes and in the process decongest Government facilities designed to serve the low income people.

He urged the investor to concentrate on the treatment of organs like the kidney and save Ugandans from expenses of foreign travel in search of medical services.

He noted that if the hospitals handled vital organs and cancer, there will be a saving of 50 percent of expenses for foreign medical aid.

Museveni further said he has spent 28 years without visiting a hospital, emphasising good nutrition and exercises.

President Museveni told the gathering that the Government’s major target was to continue with the prevailing immunization program. He called on the people to engage in physical exercise in order to ensure good health.

The Director of Al- Shafa Hospital Ltd , Sulaiman Mohammed, revealed that the facility was established in 2005.

He said that the first phase cost sh 4 billion. He said that his team was committed towards rendering a World health care service to Ugandans. He thanked the President for the conducive investment environment.

The Jinja West MP Moses Balyeku thanked the President for the proposed construction of the bridge on River Nile in Jinja.


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