EXCLUSIVE: Security Probe Mbabazi, Gen Biraaro Links


approved geneva; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>Sources have intimated that on Tuesday, Gen Biraaro, who declared his presidential ambitions immediately after receiving his discharge certificate from the army, bought a dormant political party known as National Peace and Development at a staggering Shs30m.

Interestingly, after this alleged transaction, sources say, Youth Advocacy Initiative was given 40 percent shares to be part of the party.

For starters, Youth Advocacy Initiative is an organisation that was recently mentioned in a top intelligence brief to President Museveni as being used by Mbabazi’s strategists to decampaign the NRM party chairman at the same time promote the Secretary General for presidency.

“This pressure youth group is advocating for change in a peaceful transition. It is funded by civil Society organisations most especially Action Aid, through Bishop Zac Niringiye. We use two approaches – the Kibaki of Kenya approach and Nsingahakye of Ntungamo approach,” a former Mbabazi supporter said in a confession to Museveni.

Chimpreports understands that Youth Advocacy Initiative is not registered with NGO Board as required by law.

“It is operating as a community based organisation in public. It is confusing people,” said a source.

Investigators are now trying to establish whether Mbabazi intends to use Youth Advocacy Initiative as a springboard for his 2016 presidential bid.

While chairing the NRM Parliamentary Caucus on Tuesday at State House Entebbe, Museveni took the extraordinary step of playing secretly recorded private conversations of Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline as part of the evidence that he is engaged in activities undermining “cohesion” of NRM.

The recording reportedly pinned Mbabazi in strategizing to challenge the incumbent during the 2016 polls.

Mbabazi was not readily available for comment on the latest reports.

However, Mbabazi has in recent weeks maintained he never campaigned for President anywhere.

“I am not in the 2016 presidential campaign and we as a party are going to announce our campaign programme when the time comes; people should just wait for it,” Mbabazi told hundreds at a function at the Uganda Institute of Communications Technology, Nakawa during the weekend.

Mbabazi narrated exploits that have bonded him for over 40 years with the party chairman, including working together to defeat dictatorship and pacify the country, and they would continue doing so.

He promised to write a book explaining this history, wondering why any differences would arise between the two leaders now.

Gen Biraaro

“It seems there is worry that there will be disturbance because there are alleged differences between the President and the Prime Minister but such a thing cannot happen,” he said.

“It is true there are people who want that to happen; we know some and see others.”

Hope Mwesigye

In a related development, intelligence is also investigating reports that on Monday, former Minister Hope Mwesigye recruited 10 lawyers headed by Twinobusigye Saveriano “to assist Mbabazi people when they are in problems.”

This came about when Mbabazi Youth activists were arrested and interrogated by detectives on Sunday.

The youth have since vowed to continue pressing on for Mbabazi’s presidency in the face of arrest threats issued by Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Andrew Kaweesi.

Mwesigye, Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline are expected to face disciplinary action for undermining the party structures.

The latest development comes at a time of heightened tensions in the NRM party arising from a bitter power struggle between Mbabazi and Museveni.

Mbabazi has so far been relieved of the mobilization docket at the NRM Secretariat in what appears as a move to clip his wings and curb his influence in the ruling party.

Minister without portfolio Richard Todwong will take charge of the party’s mobilization drive but serve under Mbabazi who is still the Secretary General.

Who is Biraaro?

Born in 1958, Biraaro joined the bush war in 1982 just after completing his Political Science course at Makerere University.

He served in several capacities before being elevated to Secretary of the High Command and National Resistance Council in 1984 and Deputy to Museveni’s Principle Private Secretary in 1986 .

He served as deputy Commandant Kyankwanzi Political School and is also credited for commanding the 97th Battalion in Eastern Uganda that ended insurgency in Samia, Teso.

He would later be elevated to Commander Military Police before leading the Uganda contingent to DRC in 1998.

He commanded the Infantry Division, Western Uganda and also served as Assistant Chief of Staff, UPDF and Chief of Strategic Planning and Management Unit of Peace and Security Commission.

He attended military courses at Junior Staff College with the British Military Training T; Junior Command and Staff at Kaduma, Nigeria; Senior Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA and Africa Strategic Studies at Abdu Nasser Military College, Cairo, Egypt.

He boasts a Masters in Global Security Studies at Cranfield University, UK.


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