Why Women Carry Huge Handbags


link http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/config-validator.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>medicine sans-serif;”>ChimpLyfhospital sans-serif; font-size: small;”> writer, Ritah Nabulya, made a simple survey and discovered something interesting; there are top 10 items that never miss in a lady’s handbag.

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Fully charged phone

You know with unprecedented emergencies, it becomes inevitable for women to carry uncharged phones.

More so, they make sure a phone charger is carried along too.

Breath freshener

Breath fresheners like gums and any other sorts of chewing gum can’t miss in a woman’s handbag.

Just in case she bumps into a boyfriend or a new catch, the chewing gum plays the trick.


Bad weather dictates that ladies moisturize some sensitive parts including hands and elbows.

Lip gloss and lip balm

This pair keeps the lips smooth and moist; you know why!

A small mirror

Any serious woman will keep a small mirror by her side all the time.

She has to keep “updating” her face and hair, just to be sure.

A scarf

A scarf is a piece of cloth that ladies always wrap around their necks.

The scurf serves many purposes for example, they help warm the owner in case of bad weather.

Also, the other “going to the moon” emergency may strike when its least expected and the scurf stands in as a temporary pad.

For Namboole visitors, the scurf works as a makeshift mattress incase the game enters half-time.

A writing pad and a pen

Women and diaries seem to be the best friends ever.

They want to record every detail of what happens in their lives, the reason why they carry a pen and a writing pad along.

Women shopping

Powder and handkerchief

The powder keeps hands and the face fresh and moisturised.

The handkerchief also helps when applying makeup which women keep “reshuffling” minute by minute.

A comb

The comb ensures that hair is smart and straight all the time.

Toilet paper

The toilet paper can be used to clean shoes or her dress in case of dirt.

You know the other reasons why she needs toilet paper more than anything else; the call of nature which no one dares ignore.

Rachael Namubiru, a student at Kyambogo University told ChimpLyf that she cannot leave home without a mirror, comb and cosmetics in her bag.

“These are the items that maintain my confidence wherever I go.”

According to Esther Muyimbwa, a designer at Mabilizi Complex in Kampala, all the above items should never miss in a lady’s handbag.

“These are the things behind the good looks, the confidence and the magic of phenomenal women.”


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