South Sudan

Witness Special: Bullets Rock Juba Army Barracks


adiposity visit this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Geoffrey L. Duke, more about site who is at the scene, ampoule heavy gunshots in an army barracks south of Juba University, have thrown residents into a panic.

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“People are running home from work, school etc.”

“We are under complete lock down, no cars in, no cars out, I see Military cars with heavy weapons stopping by,” says Evalopa, an eyewitness.

“Airport road from the Munukee round about all the way till the airport are covered with military. Children are running home. The military is on every road in Hai Amarat.”

She adds: “Heavy security here on airport road. Military have told everyone to be home and close shops.”

Another eyewitness, Census K Lo-liyong, reports: “Watching outside my window, the shootings, explosions in Giyada, children running scared and I wonder, what happened.”

According to Radio Tamazuj, shooting broke out after soldiers argued with army pay committee.

Some soldiers are reportedly dead by now.

National Courier says that military has set up road blocks along the roads leading to Juba Airport and towards the Bilpham, the SPLA general headquarters.

The military hospital has received a number of casualties (dead and wounded), according to a resident doctor.

We are still trying to contact our sources for details.


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