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PHOTOS: Kanyeihamba Overthrown In 'Rebel' NRM Case


more about http://cinselistekartirici.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-socializer/includes/wpsr-widgets.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Last week, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga notified legislators Mohammed Nsereko, Theodore Ssekikuubo, Barnabas Tinkasiimire and Winfred Niwagaba they were no longer part of the House after their seats were declared vacant by the Constitutional Court.

The legislators later filed an application at the Supreme Court seeking an order barring their expulsion from Parliament and also halting the Electoral Commission from organizing fresh elections to fill the seats.

Represented by lawyers Peter Walubiri, Caleb Alaka, Jude Mbabaali and Julius Galisonga among others, the MPs submitted there was no evidence the Electoral Commission had already started preparations to fill their seats and that “we can’t be sent away from Parliament until elections have been held.”

Panel of judges which will deliver the judgement on Thursday

The rebel MPs further stressed that court did not order their ejection but rather vacation and therefore can’t be stopped from participating in Parliamentary activities.

However, state lawyers led by John Mary Mugisha opposed the legislators’ application, stressing there is no proof that throwing them out of Parliament would disrupt them and further incur irreparable costs and damages.

The state further explained that issuing an interim order stopping the legislators from being thrown out of Parliament would be a change of the status quo contrary to the Constitutional Court’s ruling.

According to the state, the Attorney General notified the speaker of Parliament about the decision of the Constitutional Court on the fate of the rebel MPs and the Electoral Commission about the need to prepare for by-elections.

State said the application by the legislators has been overtaken by events.

The five judges, however, set Thursday March 8 as the date for judgement on the rebel MPs’ application.

MP Ssekikuubo consults Nsereko during the court session

Kanyeihamba is kicked out of the case

Earlier, the legislators’ lead counsel and former judge, Prof George Kanyeihamba caused chaos in court when he notified the panel of judges including Benjamin Odoki, Stella Amoko Alaki, John Wilson Sssekkoko, Galdino Magerano Okello and Christine Kitumba that his life was being threatened after being thrown out of the case mysteriously without his knowledge and further sought protection from the judges.

“Has a coup de tat taken place against me? Can anybody tell me what happened to my application that I filled because I am no longer part of this application?” wondered the former judge.

Efforts by the five judges to calm Kanyeihamba were futile as the old man charged like a lion, demanding to know how he had been thrown out of the case.

Kanyeihamba asking how he was kicked out of the case

“I must bring to attention of this court that my life is being threatened because my application disappeared mysteriously. None of my colleagues has informed me or written to me about this development and whoever withdrew my application forged my mind,” added the Professor.

However, after being advised to sort the matters with his colleagues and clients, Kanyeihamba calmed down before requesting for permission to get out of court for he had no business since he was no longer part of the lawyers representing the rebels MPs.

“It’s not us (lawyers) to throw lawyers out of cases but rather clients do so, they could as well say that I withdraw from the case,” explained Alaka, one of the lawyers for the rebel MPs.

He, however, warned Kanyeihamba against misbehaviour while in court which he said is wanting.

“You saw his conduct in court. We need to respect court even if you are a former judge,” Alaka warned.


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