Gov't Moves To Scrap rigid Procurement Rules


here geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The institution’s boss, thumb Cornelia Sabiti, health said the move was also aimed at streamlining procurement process of government bodies.

“Recognizing the continuously changing public procurement environment, PPDA began working on amendments to the PPDA Act in consultation with experts, public entities users, business and local leaders and academics,” said Sabiiti at a press conference in Kampala on Monday.

“The fruit of this collaboration is what has culminated into the Amended PPDA Act and Regulations which will go a long way in addressing the needs and challenges in public procurement in Uganda.”

The development comes amidst public outcry over the rigid procurement rules that continue to delay development projects leading to loss of colossal sums of taxpayers’ money.

On the same day, Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka issued the commencement instrument which now makes the Amendment Act law.

“From today on, all procurements will now be governed under the amended law,” said Sabiiti.

The amendments are expected to significantly change the way public procurement is managed in Uganda.

Some of the immediate benefits are promotion of local businesses under the preference and reservation schemes, and efficiency in public procurement.

The new law also demands great accountability from both public and private officials involved in procurement.

Another notable benefit will be more efficient management of procurement of medicines and medical supplies.

“The new law addresses the challenges faced by Government bodies in procuring medicines for the public good. The amendments enable the relevant bodies to procuring medicines and supplies needed for the public good,” added Sabiiti.

It would also ensure transparency and accountability by making Accounting Officers personally liable for their actions in the procurement process.


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