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Inside State House Gunfire


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The SFC Spokesman, Maj Chris Magezi, said President Museveni was not at State House when heavy gunfire rocked his residence.

Magezi said it all started with Cpl Michael Ochom returning to State House, where is attached, in the wee hours.

“This was contrary to our standing operation procedures because unless one is on duty, one has to be at State House by 10:00pm,” said Magezi.

“So on arrival at the quarter guard or main check point (also known as Guard of Honour), Ochom appeared to be drunk. His colleagues said Ochom was late but in that process, he quickly grabbed a gun from Sgt Peter Makanga and shot him. Other soldiers on guard neutralised Ochom immediately,” said Magezi.

He further said an inquiry will be conducted to establish Ochom’s motive “and to see whether this incident could have been prevented and what should be done to avoid such scenarios in future.”

It is suspected Ochom was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Magezi said SFC is currently finalising burial arrangements for the two deceased soldiers.

Pressed to explain whether the State House incident does not reflect unprofessionalism of the force, Magezi responded: “Not at all. We have the best trained and most professional unit in the UPDF. However, we are not angels – we can still make mistakes. That’s why we are trying to diagnose this problem.”

This is not the first time SFC soldiers are being caught on the wrong side of the law.

A few years ago, SFC soldiers raided Okello House which they were guarding before looting billions of shillings from a safe. Majority of the suspects were arrested and prosecuted.

An SFC soldier who had escaped from State House, Nakasero, also killed several revellers at a city bar after a quarrel with a prostitute.

SFC soldiers are carefully handpicked from different units of the UPDF before undertaking rigorous training exercise in and out of the country.

Their courses emphasise discipline and professionalism as they are tasked with highly sensitive assignments including guarding the President and his family.

SFC runs Uganda’s airforce, mechanised brigade, special combat commando crack squads and war reserve units.

SFC has played a pivotal role in stabilising Somalia, South Sudan and defeating LRA Joseph Kony.


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