ChimpLyf: Why Women Deny Men Sex


online http://couponadventures.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-post-counts-v1-1-endpoint.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>According to women, pills “men have proved to be blind” and the last alternative is to deny them sex so that they can realise that something is wrong and start negotiating for solution.

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They use the analogy of braiding hair with two fingers to explain that unless men take responsibility, they shouldn’t taste God’s most magical and precious gift of all.

ChimpLyf writer, Betty Byatesa, had a chat with Kampala women and gathered some interesting things that go on in many bedrooms.

According to Rose Namakula, a resident of Nakulabye, a Kampala suburb, in case she demands some money and the husband plays stubborn, she just locks up and looks on.

“Our two year-old daughter sleeps in her own room. When l want to punish him, l carry her to our bed and l make sure she sleeps between us. l sleep as far as l can while facing the wall.

Penny Kemigisha says denying sex to her husband “is not good enough”.

“l carry my series or soap operas to the sitting room and when everyone else has gone to bed, l start watching until I fall asleep in the chair.”

“Then he will be forced to confront me. That is when we discuss issues and reach an agreement.”

Joy Umat, is angry at her husband who can never pick children from school.

“From work, he heads straight to the bar; we have fought over and over until my friend tipped me on denying him sex.”

“I tried it a few times and my husband changed. He now knows his responsibilities.”

To the contrary, men hold divergent ideas on the topic.

Denis Odoi, a counsellor at World Vision International, says that it doesn’t matter what you are going through, your body belongs to your husband and his to you.

“Withholding sex should only happen when the two of you agree,” he points out.

“There are many women who are willing to offer your husband sex,” he warns.

Knowing that there is no one woman who is willing to share a husband, Odoi advises couples to sit and talk.

“You can use a text, phone call and email, if everything else fails.”

Jordan Mugerwa, a husband and father says that “even if she denies me sex, I will secretly get it whether she likes it or not”.

Abbas Mukasa agrees that every man will testify to having been denied sex.

“When this happens,” he pursues, “I try to make my wife happy, for example, l bathe the children or play with them.

Joseph Musaalo, another counsellor at the Uganda Christian University says “sex is addictive just like alcohol and drugs”.

“When man cheats on his partner, it might not be easy to stop and by the time the wife adjusts her ways, it may be too late.

He thus cautions women to bear in mind the side effects of denying sex to their husbands.


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