Geosteady Fined Shs40m For Viola Hit Song


pharmacy http://chernichovsky.com/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/lib/icl_api.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The family decided to take legal action against the musician failing to honour the agreement.

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dosage geneva;”>Now he faces charges of copyright infringement and plagiarism, among others.

According to Fiona Mukasa, the late Wamala’s daughter, Geosteady must pay the Shs 40m which he has been collecting from the various performances.

When things went sour, Geosteady went into hiding prompting the family to hire a private detective.

He was later picked from Kampala suburbs and whisked off to police.

Meanwhile, other artistes have tried to make a fundraising but only raised Shs 1m, according to sources.

Wamala’s widow Dracia Wamala and daughter Fiona intend to see the case to the very end.

On the contrary, Geosteady says it was Fiona who instructed him to remix the song and therefore, he did not “steal” it per se.


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