South Sudan

Kiir Lost Control of Economy-Rebels


tadalafil sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>It is worth pointing out that after oil shutdown in 2012, approved Kiir introduced austerity measures to avoid economic meltdown with a view of lifting up such measures once oil production resumes.

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When production resumed in 2013, hopes were high that life shattering austerity measures would be lifted and the consumer nation would once again regain the lost economic purchasing power.

However, the much anticipated lifting of austerity measures did not materalise, instead the nation received shocking news from none other than President Kiir himself that revenues from oil sales would be used to service $4.6bn loan borrowed during the same period.

The million dollar question every ordinary South Sudan citizen asked at the time of revealation was; how was the money used?

Todate, no explanation has been given let alone a satisfactory one.

The people of South Sudan are yet to fully recover from the shock of their country once again losing billions of dollars in addition to the $4.9bn lost in Dura Saga.

Kiir, who has gained notoriety for letting disasterous and catastraphic events unfold under his watch, slip under his arms, at first dragged the country into a political crisis and finally plunged the nation into a war.

Now that the country had descended to a full blown political and economic crisis and civil war which he initially did not expect and for which he has no immediate solution or exit strategy, Kiir has began to frame cheap and laughable execuses to use before and after the country totally disentegrates under his leadership.

One such excuse is his Council of Ministers Review of Reports that SPLM/SPLA Forces in Opposition is circulating Fake Notes to soldiers in Upper Nile State.

This allegation is completely not true and is meant to divert public attention from real issues.

The latest government propaganda is aimed at serving two purposes:

1. Find someone to blame once the rapidly depreciating local currency becomes worthless.

2. Would say the national army SPLA and members of other organised forces are defecting to our forces in large numbers because we have money to pay as salaries.

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,

SPLM/SPLA Military Spokesman (Opposition)


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