TVS Donates 180 Bikes to Boda Riders


pharm sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Yuvraj carried out the charity in collaboration with a boda boda group named “Boda Boda 2010”.

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Mr Kananura Dausi the group’s chairman Kawempe Division and his colleague Mr Moses Sekajja, helped the unemployed youth get motorcycles at a subsidized cost as a way of creating jobs for them.

The National Traffic Liaison Officer, ASP Mathew Okwir, thanked Yuvraj for the noble gesture of creating jobs for the many unemployed youths in the country; an act he says has reduced the government’s burden of creating employment for the youth.

He called upon the boda boda leaders to liaise with their fellow boda boda riders and help them get their own motor bikes.

He also advised them to keep away from crime now that they have their own bikes.

Mr Rishi Arya, the Chief Executive Officer Yuvraj, said that they did all this as a way of participating together with Uganda in achieving 2040 millennium goals.

He called upon all those motorcyclists who need more bikes to come to their officers for more assistance because they still have more to give out since they intend to give out 600 motorcycles.

Some of the other benefits the boda boda riders received from Yuvraj include; free hamlets, one year engine guarantee, one year motorcycle maintenance and cleaning.


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