Confession: Tubal Ligation Killed My Wife


pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chimp Corp, Nixon Segawa, bumped into a lay man, Edward Ssenyonga, a resident of Kawempe- Lukadde who lost his wife after consenting to the above method.

Things turned round when Prossy Nakimuli (the late) shockingly got pregnant a few months after the operation.

Here are the excerpts of his sad tale:

Chimp Corp: We learnt about the loss of your wife last year, what a pity! (Ssenyonga grunts). I know many people out there share your fate and they would like to hear your story.

Ssenyonga: (knits his eyebrows and swallows hard) After the birth of the 6th child who were all by caesarean, we were advised to take on a convenient birth control method.

My wife’s life was weakening and we wanted to plan for our family well.

Chimp Corp: I see!

Ssenyonga: We both chose to go Tubal Ligation so as to permanently stop her from conceiving.

Chimp Corp: Why a permanent method?

Ssenyonga: My wife had earlier used other contraceptives but she would constantly bleed and her health was deteriorating.

Upon advice, we chose to stop her conception after all we had some reasonable number of children.

We went for the operation at Mulago hospital.

After the operation, doctors informed us that the operation was done successfully and that we should rest assured.

Chimp Corp: And what happened afterwards?

Ssenyonga: After a few months, I noticed that my wife was pregnant! We, therefore, went back to Mulago inquiring as to why the unexpected was happening but we didn’t get any clear explanation.

After a period of four months, my wife began bleeding constantly and at this time.

We were told by doctors that when the operation was done, it was only the tubes of one side that were cut allowing the other side to produce the ovaries that were later fertilised.

When the pregnancy continued to grow, the sterilised tube bust hence causing the constant bleeding that brought up every problem.

She continued in this situation until the time of birth; during this period, my wife became anaemic (blood level kept on reducing).

We looked for blood in all places after being informed that her blood group was rare which caused her more suffering.

The doctors recommended that she should be worked upon by specialists since her condition was very critical and would lead to her death if not properly handled.

Unfortunately, my wife got contractions and labour pains during the weekend on the June 18, 2013.

At 7:00pm, she was rushed to the theatre and I believe she was handled by amateurs.

At this time, all her legs were swollen due to lack of enough blood.

Chimp Corp: What happened on that fateful day?

Ssenyonga: Waiting on the outside, the nurse came back asking for me and told me, “I only have bad news”.

I understood that my wife had passed on.

During the antenatal care, most of the nurses used to tell us that one of the two might not come back!

Chimp Corp: How did the doctors explain the incident?

Ssenyonga: They told me that during the operation, they were able to remove the baby safely but struggled with the placenta which claimed her life after a few minutes of struggle.

Chimp Corp: What followed after?

Ssenyonga: We went for burial and my in laws took care of the baby.

Chimp Corp: How are you copying with life now?

Ssenyonga: I’m living a life of struggle, taking care of all the little ones, doing all the house work and at the same time, looking for money.

Chimp Corp: How do you feel about the misfortune?

Ssenyonga: I feel cheated by the way doctors handled my wife.

More so in the first operation where we expected that we had taken a good decision to stop further pregnancy.

I don’t ever pray that this happens to any other person because it is a very sad story.

Ssenyonga, like many others has faced more stressful situations that have rendered him victim of a permanent health strife that continues to ravage the country.

He is not the first or last either.


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