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Panga Wielding Rogues Chop Businesswoman


decease geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The trio has been identified as Mohammed Nyangufi, medications 31, Jackson Biramahire, 41, and Peter Ssempija, 22, all the employees of a husband to the deceased.

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The three were arrested after taking sniffer dogs to the scene of crime that eventually led police to a hut where the suspects were sleeping at the Batuliza’s home.

When the police dogs were deployed, they first discovered a pair of slippers the deceased had put on then eventually where the suspects put up.

Police recovered three pangs in the hut, one having blood stains and an axe.

Nyangufi and Biramahire said that they use pangs for hunting that is why one of the pangs had blood stains because not so long they had killed a wild animal.

The suspects had been employed by Batuliza’s husband, Edward Lukwaya, 75 years, to do bush clearing and look after his cattle in the farm.

Lukwaya narrated that on February 27, 2014, at around 12:00pm; he went to school to visit their children in a boarding school and left his wife Batuliza chasing away goats.

By the time he came back at 5:00pm, he could not trace the whereabouts of his wife until he went to sleep.

While grazing cattle the next day together with Mohammed Nyangufi, they found the body of his wife lying in a pool of blood about 300 meters away from home.

Kamisafu Mugenyi, the Officer in Charge of Crime Intelligence and Investigation at Masindi Police Station, said they will take blood stains on the panga and the deceased’s blood for a DNA test and if they find them matching, the suspects will be charged with murder.


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