Justice Yorokamu Exposes Rot In Judiciary


more about sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Article 21 of the constitution, medications which guarantees every Ugandan equal protection by the law Justice Bamwiine said, page is being observed more in breach than application.

Katuramu noted with concern that the judiciary in the country was gradually shifting to benefit only the rich litigants while exploiting the poor.

“We are learning nowadays of increasing cases of missing files, with the highest incidences being reported at the hearing stage. This has been interpreted to be deliberate action by Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) staff in the judiciary.”

He added: “In many cases the missing files miraculously reappear after some money has been paid, implying that they are hidden with the purpose of extorting money from litigants.”

Litigants get free legal services

Katuramu was yesterday speaking at the Uganda Law Society’s Pro Bono day in Kampala where lawyers got to offer free legal services to hundreds of poor Ugandans who cannot afford high legal costs.

He accused lawyers of helping in the disappearing of files involving financial “heavy weights” to get poor litigants give up on the search for justice.

“Whereas a rich person can afford the cost of opening a duplicate file or file a fresh suit, a poor person cannot afford such luxury. In some cases they don’t even know that a lost file can be reconstructed.”

The Principle judge said that the judiciary would not tolerate such greedy officers, and asked those who cannot be contented with what they earn, to go back home and do other things.

“The Judiciary is not for the weak hearted. It is a calling to serve and bring joy to all people. If you are here solely to make money, you should find something else to do.”


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