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PHOTOS: World Cries Out As Nigerian Scammers Go Global


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The method of the scams is exactly the same, from stage one to stage six as we outlined yesterday.

We have once more brought you another bunch of scammers who have upgraded to the international level putting men all over the world on tenterhooks.

The scams are arranged according to the country where men have been fleeced or were about to fall for the con by a particular girl.

This is Timothea from Lagos, Nigerian who passes as Australian to con Greek men and turns around to claim she is Greek to con Australian men.


Binta Mullah has 10 Indians to her name. She continues to seek for help until she is rescued from a refugee camp in Central African Republic.


This is Jay Johnson. She has terrorised British men’s pockets. She is known for swindling a record £130,000. Her photo was instantly marked to warn internet users against this girl.


Here is Jama Lero. She has fleeced five Swedish men using the same picture until two friends realised they were helping to rescue the same girl and then discovered the scam.


Here is Jena Deroow. She has 15 Germans to her name, each losing atleast €20,000 or more. She is still stranded in a refugee camp in Malawi.


Here is the baby face Juliet Baby. Going by her looks, one can easily believe that she is a 10 year-old. Juliet has a record of 11 mexicans to her name.


Mercy Johnson is not badly off in the scam world. She helped a Jamaican tycoon to relieve his bank account of a whopping $100,000. But up to now, she has never been rescued from a camp in Senegal.


Mellissa is an expert. She says she is Belgian and more than eight men have tried to rescue her but their money is not enough to get her out of a camp.


Princess from Ghana passes as Vivian Brown. Her target is Phillipino and French tycoons. She has fleeced a dozen of them.


The “Russian” Vanessa aka Bill Anderson Jenavinsky has unloaded Russian men’s accounts. Quite a number of them.


Zarina’s monthly income comes from US. She supplements it with some more cash from Dutch men.


The list is actually endless. This is what we decided to share with you today.


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