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EXCLUSIVE: Gen Gadet To Lead White Army March Onto Juba


sildenafil http://chachanova.com/wp-admin/includes/schema.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Sources have told Chimpreports that Gen Gadet commanded the White Army today morning on its assault on Bor town, the capital of Jonglei state.

“In a major ambitious move, Gen Gadet is rallying his troops to roll into Juba and end the reign of President Salva Kiir, once and for all,” a source said.

It is reported that the capital Juba has been the main target in the rebels’ comprehensive plan but is still heavily guarded, being the government’s main stronghold.

Who is Gen Peter Gadet?

Peter Yak Gadet is a former Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) general who is now the leader of the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), the largest rebel movement in South Sudan and new leader of the White Army, loyal to former vice president, Riek Machar.

General Gadet was a member of the South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF) during the Second Sudanese Civil War.

He joined the SPLA after the Juba Declaration of 8 January 2006, but said that he was marginalised and that the army was dominated by tribal nepotism.

In April 2011, Gadet emerged as leader of the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), a new militia demanding a more broadly-based government.

In Unity State, he began an assault on the SPLA, leaving at least 45 people dead.

According to the military, 20 of the victims were southern army soldiers.

In August 2011, SSLA’s spokesperson reported said that the movement had declared a ceasefire with the government.

Gadet integrated his forces into the army and became the 8th Division Commander.

Amidst the 2013, South Sudan political crisis, he mutinied again and his mainly Nuer militia claimed control of Bor, South Sudan.

Gadet installed himself as a military governor of Jonglei.

He is an ethnic Nuer. His wife is the daughter of Gatluak Gai, a rebel general.

He is also on the board of advisers of the US-based Jarch Management Group, which has obtained oil concessions on large areas of land.

SPLA spokesperson, Col Aguer, speaks out

According to the SPLA army spokesperson, Col Phillips Aguer, the White Army entered the Armour of the Yau Yau local militia and picked some stock from there before they descended on Bor.

At the same time, the White Army received quite a big number of arms from unknown sources which they used to defeat SPLA from all strategic positions in the town of Bor.

“They got two planes full of arms delivered to them few kilometres away from the capital,” Aguer said.

He added: “The White Army is believed to have more than 7,000 fighters who are armed with AKs, light and heavy machine guns, mortars, 30 pickup trucks and an unknown quantity of Lorries.”

Aguer has confirmed to reporters in the South Sudan capital Juba that their intelligence gatherings is indicating that two planes dropped gun supplies to the rebels.

The Nuer White Army used human wave attacks to outmanoeuvre SPLA this morning.

Aguer says that the SPLA is reinforcing Bor and have so far mounted two battalions of infantry and tanks.

On the issue of the White Army advancing on Juba, Aguer is not sure but insists that SPLA will shortly recapture Bor town.

He also denied any Ugandan military involvement, and use of helicopter gunships to repulse the Reik Machar’s rebels as earlier claimed.

Machar speaks out

In the meantime, Riek Machar has announced that he is sending a three-man delegation to the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for talks.

He has confirmed that Nuer White Army is his force and that it has taken Bor town.

He also called upon the international community to restrain President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda from interfering in the South Sudan conflict.

“We are not interested in any talks held in Juba,” he started, emphasising that African Union should hold all the talks in Ethiopia.


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