14 year-old Preacher Takes on Kampala Con Pastors


information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Along Ben Kawanuka Street, this Jinja road intersection, medicine Namirembe road or Kampala road, their scorching prophesies of doom are not what many look forward to when they set out for the day’s chores.

You don’t mind them, after all that’s their calling/business? Yes, but that’s because they haven’t peeped in your car window and assured you of how you are actually a walking corpse!

It’s therefore a rare scene bumping into several dozen bodies craving their heads around a voice that screams the same ‘Praise God, Jesus is looking for you’.

The small but growing gathering can barely have a good view of Samuel Nsubuga because he is only 14.

With his old Luganda bible on a stand nearly taller than himself, he reads, preaches, pauses and walks around and then takes questions, any questions from the attentive audience.

His astounding reading skills, accuracy, articulacy, multiple levels ahead of a P7 chap generate even more curiosity and awe amongst us.

“You are truly a gifted young man,” I finally butt in. “where did you learn all these things from?”

“I am an anointed man of God. All my abilities are within. Unfortunately most of the pastors we have out there aren’t. That’s why we have all this frenzy about anointing oils creeping into many of our churches.”

Nsubuga reckons that a noxious money-making spirit has overwhelmed the works of God in the contemporary church, making it extremely difficult to discern the right from the unworthy ones.

“I think the word of God is very clear to us that that all these [healing and miracle working] gifts have been given to us free of charge and in the same manner we must us them to help those in need.”

He then takes on queries from the audience

“Why then do you need sh100, 000 before laying hands on a sick man? He asks as the crowd cheers in approval.

I want to stay and listen more about the advent of false prophets and the ever controversial tithing topics, but my phone buzzes endlessly for more errands.


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