Lyantonde Prostitutes Hike HIV to Galloping 18.8%

approved sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The recent rise of HIV/AIDS in the district, ampoule from 9% to 18.8 especially among peopleclinic sans-serif; color: #222222;”> aged between 18 – 45 years, is highly blamed on prostitutes who have flooded the district.

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At the moment, it is compulsory to test every patient who goes for treatment in all Health centres; the main health centres being Sprime H/C, Kasamby, and Lyantonde hospital.

Interestingly, the prostitutes are married women or target married men and it is reported that the price of a person who puts on a condom differs from that of a person who does not.

Doctors and nurses have tried by all means to give every shop 50 packets of condoms on free cost every week so as to supply to the prostitutes but they are ignored.

RCC workers are said to be the main customers since they are known to be “big money spenders”.

Since their (RCC workers) arrival in Lyantonde, the number of prostitutes has tripled attracting novice prostitutes from neighbouring districts like Rakai, Masaka, Mbarara, and in other countries like Rwanda and Tanzania.

“The prostitutes crowd stages for heavy vehicles like trailers from Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Somalia. The drivers and turn boys spend most of their time with prostitutes before embarking on their journeys the next day,” a source told Chimpreports.

Most of the bars and lodges in Lyantonde have become addresses for young girls, both elite and illiterate and the bar owners are always given their cut.

Chimp Corp, Farouk Twesigye, talked to some of the prostitutes: “We are not paid by bar owners but sometimes we fall on fat deals like Shs 50,000 where we get earnings. We try by all means to attend the music shows, parties, burial ceremonies and other functions to tap men”.

The District health Officer, Okoth Obo, told Chimpreports that from Monday to Friday, they give out ARVs to those HIV/AIDS patients and distribute others to all health centres in Lyantonde.

“We are also going to change the way we distribute boxes of condoms. We will start putting them in lodges, not shops as before,” Obo said.

He added: “People from Rushere, Rakai and Lwengo all use the same health centre creating scarcity of ARVs. We call upon the government to increase the supply of ARVs in health centres.”

The District Chairman LC5, Fred Muhangi, advised the youth not to throw away their lives by associating with the increasing prostitutes in the area.

The District Chairman LC5, Fred Muhangi

“The prostitutes are making money and they don’t care about other people’s lives. I urge the youth to take care in this festive season because life is paramount,” Muhangi noted.

The tale of a successful prostitute

Angella Katusiime, 25 years, dropped out of school while in S.2 around 2006 due to lack of school fees.

She thus resorted to prostitution choosing to do her business from Tademus bar in Lyantonde.

“Among the prostitutes in town, I’m the most beautiful,” Katusiime boldly states.

Angela Katusiime

She adds: “I have now mastered the tactics of love making and I have become the envy of everyone because I have the largest number of customers.”

Katusiime notes that the biggest number of her customers comes from Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

“Apart from men breaking the rules and agreements, the business is running well,” she clarifies.

According to the health officers in the district, the problem is not the prostitutes but the failure to use protection like condoms.


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