Lukwago: Collapse Of Talks Bleeding KCCA


visit web click geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“I am not amused by developments in the city by the authority because we have wasted a lot of time doing unconstructive work which act is regrettable and unfortunate, mind ” lamented Lukwago while addressing journalists at his home in Wakaliga a Kampala suburb on Monday afternoon.

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The Lord Mayor further noted the authority is using a lot of money without giving proper accountability which he said was illegal.

“No accountability has been given for the sums of money used in the KCCA budget .Since June, there hasn’t been any authority meetings and minutes. Since they have not been there, who is appropriating funds for the technical wing of the authority?”

“The authority budget has been passed without myself pending a signature which is against the law. They accused me of frustrating authority work but now I want explanations on who appropriated funds in the budgets since I was not there to do so as required by law.”

The Lord Mayor further noted that as soon as he returns to office next year, he will ensure that every one responsible account for all funds used.

“Immediately I resume work, we shall leave no stone unturned while demanding for accountability of the authority funds,” he vowed.

The Lord Mayor explained that at the beginning of next month he will summon a stakeholders’ meeting to try to forge a way forward for him.

Lukwago further explained that government is not in any way committed and ready for talks with the Lord Mayor neither are they ready to talk to his lawyers.

He added that no official communication has been received by him concerning renewed efforts for the dialogue adding that it was unfortunate that the previous talks were not positive.

“Government hoodwinked the public that there was a dialogue which was not true and I believe there is no dialogue because I have not received any official communication about the matter from any one.”

Lukwago added: “The Prime Minister said that with dialogue one can move mountains but I think he did not mean it because he has never written to me about the same.”

No salary for Lukwago

The Lord Mayor further retorted that together with his deputy Suleiman Kidandala, they have not received their salaries which he said has crippled their work.

“I have not got any remuneration to help keep my office running. I now pay my drivers, personal assistant and secretary using my personal savings which is regrettable. I should not use my savings to run a public office because emolument is a legal entitlement for me,” he argued.

Lukwago explained that in the KCCA budget, Shs 13bn had been allocated to cater for political leaders in terms of emolument including fuel and allowances which he however said has not come to his and the Deputy Lord Mayor’s offices.

“I have made a painful decision to send away my security guards because I don’t have money to transport them to and from their barracks. From today I now don’t have any security guard with me,” Lukwago explained.


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