So War is the New Peace!

cheap geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Yesterday, stomach I found a young man lying on the ground facing up, capsule his white shirt splattered with blood while another was being restrained by two strong men as he fumed and threatened to “kill someone today”.

I was told that the two young men had disagreed on the current South Sudan crisis that has now entered the third week.

One of these young men had stated that the only way for South Sudan to be at peace is for them to enter a full scale war and eliminate all the political opponents while his colleague was confident that the only way to resolve political bickering, is through dialogue.

That is what sparked off the fight. A story of the country’s elite, the cream of the nation assaulting each other over a belief that “war brings peace” is something I couldn’t comprehend.

It reminded me of Herbert Marcuse’s book; One Dimensional Man (1964), where he argues that in the struggle by repressive societies to form a one dimensional, an unquestioning society with a defeated logic, modern despots have indoctrinated and programmed citizens using a one-dimensional technological thought.

Under what Marcuse terms as The Happy Consciousness, what new forms of control like radios, televisions and newspapers present and determine as freedom, truth, happiness, fulfilment and humanism, is what modern man accepts as reality.

We have been “automated” and manipulated into believing that ‘the negative is positive, the inhuman is human and that enslavement is liberation’?

According to Sampradaya Dasa in his book, Intellectual Animalism (1983),“Man, the misfit species…man the so-called rational and social animal is actually man the neurotic (foolish) animal, because his rationality is completely misapplied, and his societies are distressed and crumbling.”

Dasa develops his argument thus: unfortunately, our human milestones are frustration, dissatisfaction, and anxiety, which culminate in arguments, violence, disturbed social systems, and ultimately international war.

Deconstructing the false doctrine “war is peace”

War is dirty and ugly no matter the sugar-coated leaves we may wrap it in. In a split second, it turns a beautiful land into a rotten pigsty.

Napoleon the Great of France made himself a dominant figure in Europe through wars and slogans of equality, liberty and fraternity.

Those who shared his vision of mastering the world including Kaiser William and Adolf Hitler of Germany, General Tojo of Japan, General Franco of Spain and Benedicto Mussolini of Italy terrorised the world in the chase for conquest, economic benefits, cultural imperialism and political domination!

The costs of war range from disease, unemployment, immorality, famine, depression, displacement, burning of villages to mass destruction.

The world will never forget it’s near extermination at the hands of the militaristic Nazi Hitler and his fascist ally, Mussolini.

The Japanese will live to tell the holocausts resulting from the atomic bombs dropped by American suicide pilots on their cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Sages believe that the money spent in paying for past wars and preparing for future wars can be put to more constructive use.

If those millions are spent in medical research, incurable diseases would cease to exist.

More parks, highways, schools, food, better clothing and homes may be made available to more persons.

As usual, the path of a dictator always leaves religion, education, human liberty, national traditions, industry, science, the family life, great art, music and literature-all down-trodden.

Most wars emanate from false doctrines like the “superiority or Aryanism” of the German and English races that led to two global wars.

In Africa, the superiority of one tribe over the other or the purity of one religion as compared to other or sometimes, power struggles have led to endless massacres on one hand and rebel activities on the other.

No matter the scientific and technological advancement, man is a savage at heart.

If what historians say happened in ancient times were lies, at least I have heard my own share of reality.

Serious crimes have been and are still being recorded of rebels, terrorists, suicide bombers, hijackers, kidnappers and assassins. I have had my own fresh encounter with the holocaust of rebel activities and suicide bombing.

The Allied Defence Force led by Mulezu and Cobra seized Kasese town in Western Uganda in 1998 and burnt shops and cars, raped women and killed hundreds by stabbing, gun butts and shooting.

Now joined by other rebel groups like the Interahamwe, ADF is still terrorising Congo.

In all my life, I have heard of Joseph Kony, the terror of Northern Uganda and leader of Lord’s Resistance Army who chops people’s noses, ears, lips and cooks them for the owners to eat.

He is famous for ending the idea of virginity in Northern Uganda, creating a new breed of women without breasts, men without testes and babies pieced on roasting sticks on road sides.

After being defeated by UPDF, he is now in Central Africa Republic developing his career of crime much further.

I also read about how Sadam Hussien almost erased Kuwait and Iran off the Map of Asia in 1991-92.

Unconfirmed sources claim that Americans trained Osama to terrorise the Arabic world but at all times, wickedness turns out to be self-defeating.

Or was it a cover up for attacking Afghanistan? I saw them again plunder and loot Iraq in 2003, and how they recently marauded and looted Libya.

The idea of “war as peace” as popularised by despots seems to be true.

Peace, the most elusive ideal

Experts illustrate the idea of world peace as a dove; leg-chained and grounded by vices of hatred, greed, suspicion and fear.

We cry for peace, love and harmony but do what cultivates the other.

We believe that happiness is the most important thing in human life but our actions only sow seeds of misery and great pain.

I agree with those who believe that “the future should be made a golden age of peace and progress.” But how is this possible in a world crafted out of greed and malice?

For the case of American imperialism and aggression, the title super power is like any other title and it always changes hands. Always! It’s no man’s property and no one can claim an eternal right to it.

I am not old enough to give lectures about humanity but I know that there was a time when the word “Rome” meant the very existence of the world.

A time when your tongue would swiftly be cut out for misspelling that word! Latin was the language of the educated, the high class or the gifted medics of the time but now, it is a fossilised language.

What happened? Our super ego can always swell and over swell but life shall stay larger than us.

If you brand someone a dictator, accuse him of oppressing the citizens and manufacturing nuclear weapons (which of course you have and are the lead in producing), then attack him without permission from UN, since you are UN, destroy state and individual property, murder his family, friends, relatives and anyone associated with the leader, brutally execute the national army and hang the leader like a sack of sorghum; are you still bleating about peace?

By the way, if you came to bring democracy and freedom, why then are you hurriedly carting away national resources casting quick glances over your shoulder?

What does an American oil pipeline, which comes first before the new constitution in the plundered state, symbolise in matters of democracy?

I will leave the idea of the world as “a global village” for idealists and daydreamers.

South Sudanese leaders claim to be fighting for peace and democracy but are reluctant to dialogue.

They say they have agreed to a ceasefire and quickly turn around affirming that if they are attacked, they will fight back (defend themselves).

Many have perished, others displaced, others hurt physically and psychologically and others made refugees in their own country.

I only hope that our brothers in South Sudan will apply the highest level of human intellect to achieve the ideal of peace, oneness and harmony.

Otherwise, I strongly believe that such are the tragedies that will always befall humanity if the world continues begetting pig-headed dictators and global looters and plunderers.

I am putting blame on the world because, like Richard Wright’s hero, Bigger Thomas, these despots are all native sons.

If garbage cans insist on breeding remorseless brutal bullies and if streets persist on harbouring ruthless hoodlums; such are the tragic mishaps that will always strangle humanity.

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