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Uganda To Step Up National ID Registration Exercise


decease geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Uganda and Tanzania are the two countries that still don’t have National IDs.

However, according to the Internal Affairs Ministry’s publicist, Pamela Ankunda, “Uganda won’t be left out for long.

“We will start setting up all over the country in January 2014 and ask you to enroll at your nearest parish on Feb 10 2014 in the mass enrolment exercise that will take three months.”

Ankunda said approximately three months later, card issuance for those who will have enrolled will start.

She further explained that the funds for the national ID project are internally sourced.

“The implementing agencies are the multi-sectoral agencies that normally do citizen registration in one way or another. That is UBOS, URSB, Directorate of citizenship, and EC,” she added.

The ID project has in recent years been dogged by allegations of corruption.

In August, the government ended the pilot National Identity Card issuance exercise which was carried out in 24 parishes of Kampala Central Division.

Ambassador James Baba, the Minister of State for Internal Affairs said then that a total of 1211 National Identity Cards produced using data that was captured during the voter update exercise were issued.


He said many useful lessons were learnt from this exercise.

“The government is now making preparations for the full blown exercise of registering all citizens for the purpose of issuing them with National Identity Cards.”

He also called upon all citizens to support and fully cooperate in the exercise. “A comprehensive citizens’ registration programme covering the whole country and procedures that will be used will be announced soon,” he added.

Baba noted that this process is to help know the importance of having a national identification system that can be used for citizenship identification, issuance of national identity cards, passports and for other purposes.

“If instituted, the system would be a valuable tool for government not only for dealing with crime but, for planning and provision of social services as well,” he added.

These identity cards would be of importance to Ugandan citizens and the government at large.

“They would apply in timely registration and monitoring of citizenship, births, marriages, deaths, aliens, refugees etc,” said Baba, adding that it would be helpful in provision of social services like heath and education.

It would also help in immigration and passport control, employment-pension contributions, benefits, insurance and law enforcement especially in ability to track illegal activities and criminals.

Government also hopes to use national IDs in national population statistics (censuses, surveys, segregation and monitoring trends for planning purposes etc).


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