Toilet Crisis Hits Rakai District


sale sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports, decease the Member of Parliament representing Kooki Constituency, Hon. Amos Mandera, explained that the cause of diseases, especially Cholera, has increased because 40% of the households in the whole district have no toilets, a development said to be posing sanitation challenges to the people.

Hon. Mandera attributed the high incidences of Cholera attacks yearly to the poor hygienic practices worsened by low toilet usage.

“The district is hardly spared of Cholera attacks yearly because most of the people do not take primary health care seriously,” Mandera pointed out.

He noted that the attacks are common at the shores of lake Victoria in areas like Kasensero in Kirumba sub county and on lake Kacheera.

“Over 40% of the families in those parts have no toilets and this compromises their health,” Mandera pursued.

He added: “Most of the households relieve themselves in the bushes putting their lives at risks of contracting preventable diseases like Cholera and Dysentery.”

The few toilets available are in this state

The MP, therefore, appealed to the people in the whole district and in the Constituency he represents to adopt the use of toilets to prevent diseases that come as a result of unhygienic practices.

“I appeal to the Communities to prioritise primary health care so that preventable diseases can be controlled.”

“The LC1 chairmen and local leaders should also take a leading role to ensure that every household in Kooki County has a toilet and is properly using it,” Mandera emphasised.

Although another district (Lyantonde District) was curved out, Rakai has remained too big for local leaders and District Officers to deliver the required Government services done to these people.

Rakai is made up of 22 sub counties like Kacheera, Ddwaniro, Bwanda, Kagamba, Kirumba, Nabigasa, Kiyebe, Ssanje, Kasasa, Kakuto, Lwamaggwa, Kabila, Lwankoni, Kalisizo T/C, Kyotera T/C, Rakai T/C, Byakabanda, Rwentulege, Kiziba and others.

These mentioned sub counties are ever facing natural calamities, especially famine mostly caused by locals selling whatever they harvest from subsistence farming.

It is from the sale of their agricultural produce that the residents get money for the hospital bills when diseases like Dysentery and Cholera break out.


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