Suspected Cassava Thief Set Ablaze


medicine geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The incident is reported to have taken place at Kujinja in Kaliiro village.

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case geneva; color: #222222;”>By the time the police arrived at the scene, the angry mob had already burnt the suspect to ashes accusing him of stealing 10 cassava roots.

The cassava was found beside the burning body

According to sources, the locals were found at the scene happily dancing and repeating “if this trend is adopted countrywide, theft will soon be no more”.

The District Police commander, Tomas Eyeku, confirmed the incident and said “the suspect met his fate as a result of Lyantonde locals getting tired of thieves who always break their homes and steal their properties”.

Residents still at the scene enjoying their handwork

However, Eyeku condemned the act stating “prosecution lies in the hands of the courts. It’s not allowed for ordinary citizens to punish suspected thieves without trying them in courts”.

“This act hinders investigations, thereby making our work hard,” Eyeku added.

“The thief who was burnt is not yet identified but police will keep on investigating.”

According to the locals in Lyantonde town, whoever knows that he/she is a thief, will face burning or stoning to death.

“Whenever we report the cases at the police station, after two days, we see the same earlier imprisoned thug now walking free. We are tired and we will execute our justice whenever a thief is caught in the act,” an angry resident stated.


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