Mao: UPDF Doing Great Job In CAR

ed more about sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: start;”>From a mission in CAR together with a group of 9 other religious, advice erectile cultural and opinion leaders from northern Uganda last week, the former Gulu district Chairman and Gulu Municipality MP, has applauded UPDF who are working under AU peacekeepers in CAR for their commendable work.

“We met a UPDF commander and I was impressed by the work done by the army, they are trusted by the civilians. Here we may think of them negatively when they come to beat us up together with police but the impression I got is that they are very highly regarded by civilians,” Mao explained.

Mao also noted that UPDF has helped to stabilised the area where they operate which is one of sixteenth of the country.

“We, however, found out that the UPDF are very badly facilitated, they have to depend on the American Special Forces for fuel, transport and basic food stuff,” Mao lamented while addressing Journalists at the end of the year press briefing at the party headquarters in Kampala early this week.

He appealed to the Ugandan government to consider coming up to offer basic necessities to soldiers which will help in increasing their efficiency in maintaining peace and calling for more defectors from the LRA.

“We want to propose to the Ugandan government to help rehabilitate the victims of LRA, to offer them education and treatment because most of them have been injured and also bringing back some of them to settle in their home country,” he added.

Mao said the mission to CAR, which was aimed at encouraging more LRA defections and also to receive any other LRA members who might wish to surrender peacefully, was very successful.

He said their voices were recorded including a one Caesar Achellam the for senior commander in the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army calling on for other rebels to defect and assuring them security thereafter.

“We will not give up on our call for more defection from the LRA until the last child is back,” Mao assured the public.


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