South Sudan

IGAD Won’t Allow Machar To Unconstitutionally Overthrow Kiir


cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“We have a very small window of opportunity to secure peace, which we urge all stakeholders to seize, including Riek Machar,” he told IGAD members in the summit held at State House Nairobi Kenya today, Friday.

“Let it be known that IGAD will not accept the unconstitutional overthrow of a duly and democratically elected government of South Sudan. Violence has never provided optimum solutions.”

He observed that violence begets more violence hence IGAD “will also not allow the continued massacre of civilians and wanton destruction of property”.

Kenyatta noted that the present crisis must end so that promise is not betrayed and all of South Sudanese leaders should hold themselves accountable for delivering what their people desperately desire as a nation. He pointed out that they should be able to settle their political differences and give people a chance to lead decent lives.

Below is Kenyatta’s speech:

Excellencies Heads of state and government,

The Executive secretary of IGAD,

Honourable Ministers, Ambassadors and High commissioners,

Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me to welcome your Excellencies to (Nairobi for this extraordinary summit of IGAD to deliberate on the crisis in the Republic of South Sudan.

This meeting aims to present our recent efforts to ensure peace and stability return to South Sudan.

A week ago, the IGAD council of Ministers visited Juba on an assessment mission chairman, His Excellency Ato to meet with the government of South Sudan and get to a better understanding of how violent conflict had broken out.

Yesterday, our Hailemariam Desalegn, and I visited Juba and we held positive talks with H.E President Kiir and other government and party leaders and these efforts reflect the importance of south Sudan to the stability of this region and our mutual desire to achieve sustained peace and prosperity.

I have every expectation that this meeting will agree concrete measures that will enable south Sudan to return to its path of peace and development.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, Eight years ago, we met here in (Nairobi to witness the signing of the historic Sudan comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended one of Africa’s longest conflicts.

The C.P.A which was negotiated under the auspices of IGAD, not only marked the beginning of a new and brighter future for Sudan, but it also signalled a new era for Africa where African solutions could be applied to African problems through dialogue.

We are again convening this summit after two years of the establishment of the young nation of the Republic of South Sudan to diagnose and resolve the unfolding crisis using the African medicine of dialogue and negotiated settlement of the conflict South Sudan is not at a critical phase.

A political problem within the ruling party SPLM, which was also the vehicle of liberation, has turned into a violent confrontation that risks taking on a dire ethnic direction.

Many innocent South Sudan civilians have been killed, others displaced and their property destroyed. Kenyans and other IGAD citizens in South Sudan, who went seeking opportunity and to contribute to building a nation, have also suffered grievously.

The safety of all these people is foremost in my mind. Whatever political problems there are, our people must not be made to suffer for them.

I have directed that every effort be made by my government, alongside the south Sudanese leadership, our neighbours, and members of the international community, to ensure the safety of Kenyans and other civilians caught in this unfortunate violence.

The people of south Sudan and this region are tired of war. They now only want wars to be fought against poverty, disease and ignorance. The present crisis if not contained will produce millions of internally displaced persons and refugees and set back, this region immeasurably.

An internal military solution in a situation of high militari1ation and the threat of ethnic splits is highly unlikely to succeed without deeply rupturing the social and political bonds among the people.

We have no time. If the present violence continues and the violence on the ground leads to atrocities against civilians, it ‘ill create global dynamics that make it much more difficult for south Sudan and the region to reach a resolution.

It is also an unacceptable threat to regional peace and security therefore be an immediate cessation of violence.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, we need to be practical and coordinated; I have a few proposals to this effect. I call upon our south Sudanese brothers and sisters to immediately undertake the following measures:

• A cessation of hostilities by all parties.

The detainees are part of South Sudan’s leadership and as such are part of the solution. South Sudan’s legal system must process them as it should, while they are treated humanely and quickly enabled to be an integral part of the dialogue that will solve the underlying political problems that have brought us to this unfortunate crisis.

We look forward to a transparent and inclusive constitutional review and development process that entrenches a democratic south Sudan

•The government of South Sudan and other armed groups must ensure the safety of South Sudanese civilians and those from IGAD countries. Evacuation of IGAD citizens must be assured through guarantees that airports and roads will be secured quickly and comprehensively.

• Liaise with IGAD envoys and the council of Ministers to craft a process of dialogue and mediation that leads to agreed political and technical reforms that will ensure no return to this crisis.

The African Union, the broader international community and the United Nations have an important part to play. They should act immediately to:

• Ensure that humanitarian help is immediately delivered to the displaced people and foreign refugees in UN camps.

Support the IGAD process and position that benefits from long experience and the fact that we are part of the region.

Generously pledge to support the constitutional and other political reforms that will emerge from the dialogue.

Ensure that the African 5nion and other African countries see, to contribute ideas and support to the process of ensuring that outcomes of the dialogue between the leadership of south Sudan is informed by the experiences of Africa.

For us IGAD members, our role will be extremely critical and must be coordinated, practical and determined.

• That we appoint two experienced envoys who have the faith of the people and leadership of South Sudan. I have appointed General Lazaro Sumbeiywo the Kenya special Envoy for South Sudan and propose him to be part of this team.

• For the council of Ministers to continue working with the government of the council while making contact with Dr Riek Machar and other leaders critical to bringing about peace.

For IGAD countries with citizens in South Sudan, who want to leave for humanitarian reasons, to coordinate their evacuation and monitor their safety.

For all Heads of state and government here to regard the safety of our citi1ens as a top priority such that any further endangerment to them should be responded to comprehensively.

These steps if undertaken will allow the people of south Sudan and this region to start 6,789 in peace so that we can continue the work of development that we have been charged with as leaders.


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