Bebe, Goodlfye Reconcile @ Kiwatule Mega Show


pilule http://chuntaritos.com/wp-admin/includes/comment.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The show mainly featured Gagamel Big Boss, Bebe Cool and Goodlyfe duo Mozwey Radio and Weasel TV, diva Desire Luzinda and many more upcoming artistes.

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Our spies gathered that partiers had to give up Shs 20,000 each to be allowed inside the venue.

The crowd was that large

Money was not the issue because by 8pm, the recreation centre was already full to capacity as revellers edged each other to get a clear view of the stage where the music was booming out louder than ever.

Bebe performing

“It was so massive, as a mammoth crowd gathered to be entertained,” our spy pointed out.

And so the show kicked off with Bebe and the Goodlyfe duo taking turns in rocking the crowd with song after song.

Radio and Weasel doing what they do best

These intervals were only interrupted by songbird, Desire Luzinda, giving the crowd a bit of her “sweet soothing” lyrics driving the fans, especially males, into a frenzy.

Goodlyfe duo surround Desire as she does her thing

Clad in a fashionable white top, fitting blue jeans and pink shoes, she danced the crowd’s sorrow away inciting even the lame to at least shake their heads.

Our spies also report that Radio and Weasel took some time off to thank Bebe Cool for inviting them to perform at the show that pulled thousands of partiers from all over Kampala.

The beauties too graced the occassion

You recall how recently, the trio held the Battle of the Champions to determine the kings of kings in their own music circles.

Let us not go back to the details but seeing them performing on stage together in a thin interval after the Lugogo show, is another relief.

Well, the “goat” was brought to consecrate the evening.


The goat was the centre of action

The music boomed, booze flowed and rare dance moves were displayed as the fans closed Boxing Day in style.

Lovely cuties look on as their pals exhibit rare dance moves


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