Vampino Wraps 2013 With Flop Of The Year


troche more about http://couragelion.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/custom-css/custom-css.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Our sources have revealed that Vampino had organised a music concert at Little Rirtz Gardens in Kabale on Boxing Day but shockingly and for the record, medical http://decisionpro.biz/templates/yoo_revista/warp/systems/joomla/config/elements/warp-ajax.php nobody turned up.

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By 7pm Chimp Corp, Bob Abaho, was already at the venue sipping at his bottle of beer as he waited anxiously for the show to begin.

“I realised that something was wrong when more than 30 minutes passed and no one had showed up,” he reports.

“There was no sign of any show as the venue was empty. The DJs played loud music trying hard to grab passersby. The few who would have come were waved away by the empty space and unoccupied seats.”

The show organiser only identified as Martin, also a close friend to Vampino, was overheard wondering whether Kabale people knew the name Vampino or whether they have ever heard of his music.

He (Martin) then took to the streets pleading with whoever would listen to at least convince one or two people to show up even if it was as late as midnight.

Back to the show organisation, the concert was poorly organised as it got minimal publicity because media houses in Kabale town hiked advertising costs until Martin bargained and raised Shs 80,000 to run show adverts for only two weeks.

Furthermore, the show did not have curtain raisers who would be warming the stage to grab revellers’ attention before Vampino and Rocky Boys could storm the stage later in the night.

The show organiser personalised the show and failed to consult in any case on how the show would be organised.

He ignored the fact that upcoming artists also command a very large number of audiences in villages but unfortunately none was invited.

By the time our Corp left the venue at 2am, still nobody had come.

“Martin was stranded at the gate feasting on chips he had bought from road side vendors and Vampino did not surface anywhere as he kept in his hotel room together with his Rocky boys,” the Corp notes.


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