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Bebe Cool: Museveni Shouldn’t Sign Anti-Gay Bill


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The world of the celebs too has been rocked by this issue.

Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has come out and shared his views about the anti-gay bill.

Here is what he posted on his social media, Facebook page.

My view on the anti-gay bill that the parliament wants the president to sign is, I can’t support the bill even if I’m not gay.

Neither do I want to be sexually approached by a man, nor my daughter or son if they were not born gay to become gay.

I want them to enjoy their life the way they were born, but did the parliament know that some people are born gay?

Did the parliament know that gay issues are issues you can’t just tackle just like the holy Quran and bible comparison because either side can’t win?

Does the parliament know what position they are putting the president and Uganda as a whole into, in the face of the international community?

Did the parliament explain to the general public the advantages and disadvantages of this bill?

And as us, who are not gay have our rights, don’t you think those who are gay in Uganda now have their same equal rights as humans?

And if your son became gay, would you want them to be taken to jail?

In my view, it’s a one way ticket to international rejection, most probably one way the opposition (fact being NRM has many MPs defecting and those who can’t defect can go to plan b) Uganda has come up with to mess the president.

If he signs it, he is in an international dilemma or if does not sign it he is in a local dilemma.

Mr President and the general public of Uganda, for now we could be stabbing our own backs.

I dint say am supportive of “gayism” but neither do we have a right to condemn them. I’m watching the space.

Merry x-mas to you all gay or not gay.


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