Nemostars in X-mas Giveaway


visit geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>It is the first time for Nemostars to carry out such charity giveaway.

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But according to the club’s publicist, Andrew Ojara, this activity was planned at the beginning of the year and was not abrupt.

“Nemostars is a club that has intentions not only of playing volleyball but also doing community charity work. Visiting Agape in Kabowa was a plan drawn early this year and we shall continue with it no matter whether we win the league again on not,” said Ojara.

He further observed that they are willing to help children who have the talent of playing volleyball but have nothing like schools fees although some may the desire to go for studies.

“If any of the needy children we visited has an interest in volleyball but has no funds for his/her education, we may help in getting a bursary for that person because we made that part and partial of Nemostars’ obligation,” added Ojara.

It is not so common for any sport discipline team to do what Nemostars have done save for Cranes team that visited and donate items to Sanyu babies home.


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