X-mas Eve: Mobile Money Attendants Reap Big


ask geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chimp Corp, Ritah Nabulya, is in town witnessing the business transactions.

She says that when you reach town, the first thing to observe are people standing on these mobile money outlets trying to withdraw or send money to their loved ones in far places of the country.

“This time round, there network problem is not as bad as it was last year where many people got stuck,” Nabulya notes.

According to Sarah Kirabo, one of the customers found at a mobile money outlet in town, this time round, the network was good which simplified the sending of money to her grandmother in Kyotera Masaka.

“I am a business woman who usually sends money to my clients but when the network is bad, I find it hard to do so,” Kirabo explained.

Suzan Kaddu, a customer found withdrawing money from one of the mobile money outlets in Nateete, says that she registered for mobile money in 2010 but it has helped her so much.

“I have just withdrawn Shs 100,000 in just minutes. I have already sent it to my uncle in Mbarara,” Kaddu said.

Brenda Atuhaire, a mobile money attendant in Kikubo, says that this time round, she has made a lot of money.

“In a day, I attend to more than 200 customers who send and receive money from using Airtel. This is a good season for me and I expected it,” she added.

James Mubiru, another mobile money attendant in Kikubo, says that business is moving on well because mobile money simplified everything and he has been receiving customers from morning till late.

“As you can see, I’m a happy man after attending to over 120 customers in a single day,” he put in excitedly.


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