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ATM Fraud On Rise


website geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>They (conmen) pretend to be too kind by “saving” customer from bank queues.

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ed geneva; color: #222222;”>The United Nations 2011 report shows that, ATM fraud is so common to African countries as compared to other countries.

In Africa, the banking sector is facing fraud syndicates from both local and foreign fraudsters.

In Tanzania, according to recent media reports, a Bulgarian couple were arrested for suspected fraud and these were sentenced to two years in jail or paying Tsh10m.

Benard Alinaitwe, the customer care consultant at one of the Centenary bank, says that during the festive season, many people get cheated with their ATM’s at the banks as smartly dressed conmen pretend to be bank attendants and with draw money from their (customers’) accounts in a way of assisting them.

“It has also ever happened to my branch where a Russian national did the same to the customers,” Alinaitwe added.

Alinaitwe continues to warn customers to be careful with these people who normally stand near the ATM machines pretending to be bank staff. “You should avoid the common mistakes like putting too much trust in public computers in internet cafes and offices.”

He has also advised travellers to use extra diligence in keeping track of their belongings and covering the pin pad with hands when withdrawing to avoid compromise.


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